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    Icon1 Chapter 2 (Omg) (Mystery Appearance)

    Right after that, I figured out it was a prank by my sister. I had got ready for school and saw a note. The exquisite Neon note was Pink with blue ink that blurred half of its extension. It Read: "Dear Cindy Indie Bindie, I went to the store this morning. Dont worry, I made your breakfast for you." I was like...... Cindy Indie Bindie? O_O. "Oh no she didn't!" I ate the breakfast which by the way STINKS! It tasted like what baby puke SMELLED like. When I got to school, I wasn't greeted very happily. Then I saw myself. Not me, But an evil, Better-looking me. She wore a goth coat that was Prime White. Her Punker pants- An Outrageous And Dazzling Pink. And the Skater Kicks were As blue as the ocean and 1,000 Blue stars twinkling down at you. She was so cool. She was me though..... what's going on?

    -Epic Bethany- Rate/Comment pls!
    Erosion and windstorms,clouds and suns or others could be bad but when 2 seasons of opposite mix,you get worse...

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    Default Re: Chapter 2 (Omg) (Mystery Appearance)

    -thumbs up- You're a very good writer making the story a mystery

    This ends on a good note.

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