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    Default Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    Chapter 1 : Me, my life and Wysp
    Book Two : The tree of secrets
    Part 1 : Dark, light, and midnight

    My name is Camryn Franks.
    I have a secret that only my two best friends and family know about.
    I am the keeper of Wysp, the wolf by the side of the road.
    Me and Wysp, we go round pretending Wysp is just a large, gray syberian husky.
    But its our special secret, me and Wysp, that we never find ourselfs inside at night,
    we lurk around in Limesea park, near where me and Wysp first met.
    Meet me, and the wolf by the side of the road, and how I found the menacing secret of
    2, Upley drive....

    It was when me and Wysp went for a stroll along to Limesea park, when we were
    at Upley drive, the 2nd house along had no lights on. Comwebs were hanging from the door.
    What freaked me was that someone was living there. I knew for sure someone was living there.
    I decided it might be best to have a look, Wysp decided it might be better not to. He was right.
    I snuck down the drive in the enclosed bushes that wound their way around the house.
    Multiple times I let out squeaks of pain, as sharp leaves and some holly tore mercilessly at
    my skin. Wysp reluctantly followed. At last, we reached the door. I was right, and Wysp was right.
    Someone was living there, but they decieded a certain girl aged 15 wasn't welcome in her yard....

    The woman living in the house was old. Me and wysp decided it would be best to run. And run fast.
    We charged through the street, tripping over a few times (Well, I took charge of tripping over)
    Until we reached the great saftey of house number 47, Ulton Terrace. I took scared steps inside the house,
    panting my way up to the bathroom, wysp behind me to catch me if I fell. I shut the door behind me,
    reading as I did my buisness. After that, I decided it might be better to relax for a while (i.e, The whole day)
    OMG, how could I have forgot? Jayda was coming for a sleepover tonight, more precisely, right now!
    DING - DONG! I winced and ambled across to the door, which I opened and let a excited looking
    Jayda in. Jayda Hawson might look nice, but get on her wrong side, and your on the wrong side.
    "H-h-heya" I panted, hoping she wasn't suspicous at my stammering.
    "You look AND sound like ya have just ran a marathon!"She said. In a way, she was right.
    "'Ows Wolfy - I mean Wysp - Getting on?" She asked, hoping to get a big clue of the 'marathon' out of me.
    "Fine...Nothing bad..Just he's getting lazier!" I joked, as Wysp gave me a hurt but laughing stare.
    "I'm good kidder, ain't I!" I said to Jayda and Wysp.
    "Yup, you sure are..." Mumbled Jayda under the sudden weight of her bags, and Wysp barked as a 'yes!'
    "Hey, when are Kyra and Lynne ment to arrive?" Asked Jayda. That was what I didn't need. Ohh...No..

    "I didn't remember them! Tell the truth, I didn't remember you, either!" I confessed, with a hint of laughter in my
    cautious voice.
    "You did not!"
    "Sorry, I got caught up!"
    "With what?"
    "I was giving wysp a last minute walk!"
    "Girls! Jayda! Camryn! Break it up!" My mum was brilliant at chipping in.
    All the fighting was broken up when the doorbell rang and a excited Lynne came in, followed by a limping Kyra.
    "'Wassup with you, Kyra?" Jayda asked, suspiciously.
    "Fell of my bike on the way 'ere" She said. Only then I remembered I had told them to bring bikes. It looked like all
    three excited girls had remembered, but not me...

    That night, it was Jayda's turn to feel embarrased.
    "Truth and dare!" Kyra announced.
    "I'll start!" Shouted Jayda.
    "Okkk....Go downstairs and nick all the chocolate from the cupboard!" I said. I knew that was a stupid dare.
    My dad would yell at the Queen if she tried to pinch his chocolate!
    "Ha! Peice of cake, literally"

    End of C.1

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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    Voices in the dark...

    "AHHH! Save me, help!" Jayda came running (Already?) Up the stairs
    I laugh. "Jay, I knew that was a stupid dare from the moment the words left my mouth."
    I said.
    "I'll nip down and nick a bar. Bet ya me dad has at least eight down there."
    We all burst out laughing.
    "Cami! What was the point!" Jayda was already freaking out.
    "Lemme get a bar."
    I skimmed silently down the stairs. There wasn't any point in being careful. My mum and dad
    had the music channel on full blast, probably to get us out the bedroom and down here watching it.
    I stepped into the kitchen and pulled the cupboard open. I screamed at what I saw.
    Out of the back of the cupboard, there was a face shaped into the wood. Next to it there was
    Writing scratched into the wood. It read : "I will get you, Camryn Franks."
    I snatched the bar of chocolate, and ran....

    I burst into my room, tears of horror and shock ran slowly down my face.
    "Whats up, Cami?" Lynne asked.
    "You would not belive what I have just seen." I said, mumbling.
    "Did you get the chocolate?" Asked Kyra, coming back from the loo.
    "Yes." I said, holding the bar of chocolate triumphantly up in the air, falling over on the
    bean bag as I threw the bar of heaven to Kyra, who immediantly grabbed some off the end and
    swallowed it (seemingly) whole.
    "MMMMM! I see why your dad's a chocolate addict!" Said Kyra, presumably hypnotised
    by the heavenly solid.
    "Gimme, Kyra, don't hog it!" Snapped Jayda, desperate to get some of the chocolate.
    "MMM! Here you go, Jay!" Said Kyra.
    The chocolate went round, finishing at me, who had been through alot to get this. Kyra wanted more,
    but I gobbled up the remains of the bar.
    Kyra went in a BAD huff.

    "Kyra, guys, wanna see what freaked me so bad?" I asked, more willing to come face to face with the face
    with my friends.
    "Ok, SSSUUURRREEE" Yelled Kyra in my face.
    Soo, decided.
    We walked down the stairs, and made it to the kitchen. I stepped in, and pain hit me in the head.
    "Oww.." I Murmered. The pain finally came to all over body ache. Oww...
    No! Please, not now, not now!
    I felt my fingernails morph into claws. Hair grew all over my body, and finally, it happened.
    I was, for the third time in my life, a werewolf.

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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    C.3, The wolfs in the water

    The sound of the snarls and growls I made on my escape from the house scared me.
    I stumbled down the road, cars out this late steering in the opposite direction the moment they
    saw me.
    "Wolf!" I heard a young boy yell from his late night out.
    I wanted to say I was just a girl. All that came out was a intimidating roar.
    I ran on, getting the rhythm in my legs just right for the rooty terrain I was about to
    I triped and stumbled through the spookiness of the midnight forest. I wanted to scream.
    Turn back. Escape the screams and shouts of my head. My heart told me it was best to
    go on.
    My breath came out rapid, raggidly. Screams of the night tore into my head. Many questions
    whirled round, yelling for an answer, a way to relax or shudder with fear at the answer the world gave me.
    My heart pushed me on, deeper into the night. I wanted to run away. I wished I was normal.
    By now, everyone would be in a panic, running wild. Wysp. Poor Wysp. I wish I'd fetched him.
    The darkness clung to my head like it never wanted the sun to rise again.
    Before long, I realised I wasn't alone...

    I turned round, a older male wolf snarled at me. Before I could react, he slashed at my face,
    leaving a nasty gash across my face. That was it. I wasn't taking it any more. I jumped
    over the male wolf, who howled in frustration. I ran back to the warmth. My inner human told
    me to keep going, to get the injection that I'd typically forgotten about. My beastly wolf told me
    to show that male wolf who's boss. Tear him limb from limb. I told it to carry on in the direction
    it was going. So, it did.

    I got home and had the injection. It stung, so I chewed on Lynne's specialy gloved hand
    to save me from biting someone's finger off.
    Then, I was normal.
    Old self.
    With a big, nasty scar across my face.


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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    That story is great! I really mean it! Can't wait to see what happens next!
    No one knows the realm like the key hunters

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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    My next chapter is coming up soon (I.e, now :/)

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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    C.4, One big lump of a night.

    "Alright, girls, time for beddie-bies!" Came the sound of childish bed-time crushed mum.
    I had a bad scar across my face from where the male wolf scratched me. I wanted to tell
    him to stop, but I didn't know how to speak 'wolf'.
    We watched Johnny English, which had us tied up in knots by the time it had finished.
    I was worried about what everyone at school would say about the wound. There were
    lots of differant things I could say.

    I had no intention what so ever to tell and what REALLY happened. They wouldn't belive
    me, anyways.
    They certainly wouldn't. Not even Jayda, Kyra or Lynne had actually belived it, although
    they had seen it happen with their own eyes.
    Tell the truth, I didn't belive it, either.
    Then, we DID have to go to bed.
    I was very worried.
    The last time I had tuned into a werewolf, I had fallen gravely ill with the family curse, one
    that only appered on a daughter of Isia, the curse godess.
    I went to bed, feeling weak at the knees with worry. I fell into a heavy heap of flesh and bone
    ontop of the airbed, and slowly drifted into a deep, deep sleep.
    Only to wake up the next morning with a desise that could bring my life to a stop....

    The curse was horrible.
    I could eat nothing, but drink soup or very tender porrage.
    Water was calling to me, but I didn't the strength to get up and fetch some.
    Lynne and Jayda's mums were keeping them at mine untill they got back
    from a trip to the town. It didn't hurt, I kept telling them.
    If they kept this up, I'd probably be better by monday...
    Better if which the venom in the male wolfs claw hadn't penetrated my flippin'
    Only one person could fix it.
    One who had fixed it once before.
    Feurrneus, the bird born of flame and hatred.
    What had stated to be fun and safe, had now turned into a deadly
    The game of life and death.
    The triathlon of terrors.
    Once again, I was trapped in the hands of death.
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    Default Re: Camryn Franks, the girl with the wolf.

    Before I planned to escape with Wysp, I was to try some of the medicine that the bird had given me, so if I ever turned again, I'd take this and be able to control the beast deep down inside of me.
    It tasted gross! I turned pale at the smell, and threw up after having it. I was exused to stay off. If you change once, you have 70% more chance of turning in the day instead of the puny per centage of 5.
    My dad dug a cage out of the loft, which was too rusty to hold a normal wolf, nevermind a werewolf, but, for the sake of it, we pretened that this would solve everything if I changed and went out of control.

    C.5 What the secret of Upley drive was

    I was asleep on the sofa for a while, as it'd been 1 when I'd decided to take a rest, and Jayda and Kyra where round when I'd gotten up, looks of confusion and fear on their faces. It took a little bit of time for the metal bars to materialise in front of me. Huh? It'd worked! The medicine worked?! To worry everyone, I smashed the cage bars
    and ran out, then roared and smashed out of the side of the house. But...It wasn't me doing it. It was half and half. I immidently relised I was going....To....2 Upley drive! I slunk into the overgrown bushes infront of the house, and then ran up to the door, pushed it, and it was so haunted that it even scared werewolf me!
    "W-w-whooo's" I ran into the front room. Someone -Something- Was there. It walked on cruches, as it was obious it's legs were badly crippled. On the right hand, the thumb and middle finger was missing, and there was no left hand at all.
    "I'll..teach...the..m... the..were..wo..olf...s...and..that..stupid.....leader!" The inside me was screaming. I see it more clearly now. They were at a state beyond a living one. It had no eyes, and a brace. It was gross - it went inside the thing. It didn't take me long to realise that it was to stop it's guts from falling out.

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