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    Default Call of the Wild(Chapter 1-3)

    Author's Note: I will be mixing this with World of Warcraft and my mind. So nothing is exactly correct-a-mongo.

    Call of the Wild
    Chapter 1

    I poked Elijah.
    "What?" he whispered.
    "I'm bored," I whispered back. Of course,my book wasn't boring. I just wanted to meet the new girl,Kala. I was a Night Elf Druid trainee. Kala was a Serpentine druid,while I was,well,some kind of druid. I specialized in healing and battle. So there were only a few like me,called Druids of the Wild. Kala was a Druid of the Fang. And I didn't think I'd fit in any of those. But I could probaly live with having no druid type. Elijah was a troll who was paired with me for our questions such as; Who was the first druid? What are the types of druids? and such. I found it rather boring,but it was school. At least I wasn't learning from an unknown druid in Darnassuss. I was in Moonglade,the ancient home of the druids. It was the best place to be. I had the biggest barrow den of them all. I suppose it was because Malfurion made it so. I was her apprentice for a few years,then he went into slumber. Perhaps he asked that I have a big barrow den for studying and all that?
    "What's dat book about?" Elijah asked. He was reading a human book named "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and I was reading "the Calling".
    "It is boring," I whispered. It was by Keely Armstrong. It was heavily based off a 'werewolf'. Pfft. She probaly saw a Worgen and changed the name.

    "Da girl just turned into a blueberry," Elijah said. I giggled. Our teacher looked at us and we went silent. Elijah had blue skin and red hair. His tusks were large and he kept his hair in a crazy long mohawk. I had gray-blue skin with a hint of purple,as Tenok put it. He was a Worgen warrior who came with me for some wierd reason. But I guess he had his reasons.
    "Druids,listen up," our teacher said. Ilthalin said druids,not class. I looked up from my book.
    "This is our new student," Ilthalin said. Kala had light purple skin and white hair. Her face tattoes weren't there. Mine would switch between leaves and claws. I,odd enough,had tattoes that blended into my skin and would often glow. I discovered they would glow when I was healing or calm. And flash on and off when I was mad or battling. Wierd,huh?
    "Her name is Kala,and she is a Druid of the Fang," Ilthalin continued.
    "I would recommend you become friends with Cynasia," Ilthalin told her quietly. I couldn't hear in real life,but the trees told me.
    "Elijah,please come sit with Taha," Ilthalin said. Taha was a tauren druid. Her hair was braided all the time,and she often wore plain tan robes. Kala came over and sat by me. She was wearing Druid of the Fang clothes.
    "Ish'nu alah," I said.
    "Hello," she said.
    "Do you like to read?" I asked in Darnassian.
    "No. It bores me," she said. I was shocked. Maybe she was always studying?
    "Will you at least read this book?" I asked her. She saw the title and started to read a few pages.
    "It seems very interesting," she said,and continued to read.
    "I'm Cynasia. Call me Cyn," I said,smiling.
    "I'm Kala," she said. I already knew that. I mean,duh-uh. But I suppose I should be nice.
    "Did you see your new barrow den?" I asked her.
    "Yes. It is very tiny," she said.
    "Would you like to hang out at mine?" I asked her.
    "Of course. Although it must be cramped," she said. I guess she had no idea how big mine was. Complete with a bathing chamber,sitting room,weapon room,bathroom,closet,plant room,study room,kitchen,laundry room,and bedroom. So lets see,thats 10 rooms besides all the hallway space.
    "No,not really. It is really large," I said truthfully.
    "Is it the one with the path leading up to it?" Kala asked.
    "Yes," I said. Kala's eyes became a little larger than usual,although I couldn't tell what she was thinking. Night elves have pupiless eyes.
    "That is so neat!" Kala said.
    "Yeah," I said. I told her about my barrow den and how I'd come here. It turns out she came here by request of Naralex. I had freed him from his slumber. The same couldn't be said for the others. But I guess she had made it.
    "Alright class,your job is to grow a sunflower. Cynasia,you are paired with Kala," Ilthalin said. He continued on about who was paired with who. I picked up my leather bag and pulled Kala along with me to my barrow den. After showing her around,we settled in the sitting room with a few seeds and began to work.
    Chapter 2
    "Aargh! I don't get it," Kala said.
    "Hands," I ordered her. She gave me her hands. We had pushed the furniture out of the way and were now sitting cross-legged on the floor with our fifth sunflower seed between us. We began humming and going into tiny circles with our torsos,hands still together. The sunflower began to bud up until it was five inches tall.
    "We did it!" Kala cheered. She probaly knew just about nothing about growing flowers. I scooped up the flower and placed it in a potter. We pulled the table and padded arm-chairs back into place. Kala eventually had to leave,so I left her to it. I stretched out and decided I needed to get a little cleaner because I was terribly dirty. After scrubbing myself with the soap and chasing all the dirt down the drain,I walked into my closet to find something to wear. I decided on my nightgown that made me fell like I was floating- although I never did. I walked into my bedroom and dropped myself onto it. It was already hot enough as it was,and I was hoping for rain.

    I woke up to somebody shaking me.
    "Mmmph," I mumbled.
    "Cyn!" Kala said.
    "What?" I asked.
    "Something from the Emerald Dream! It-it came into my barrow den!" Kala whispered. My bedroom had a small terrace overlooking a little part of my barrow den. I looked and saw black sludge with a starry quality in it. I nearly shrieked. I ran around my room looking for acorns-anything to help me. I finally found some acorns and whispered a few words then threw them at it,encasing it in a small tomb for awhile. I snatched up Kala's hand and dragged her up to Ilthalin's barrow den. I ran up to him,but he was doing the unthinkable. He was SUMMONING them! They poured out of the portal,staying there patiently. I had to force myself not the scream as I ran up back to Kala. I tried to think. I had to wake Malfurion no matter what. I told Kala to stay out of danger as I morphed into a cat,running to Malfurion's barrow den. I kept going down and down the ramp and ran to his current spot.
    "Malfurion!" I screamed. Nothing.
    "MALFURION!" I shrieked again. I could feel the Emerald Dream pulling on me,calling me. After screaming for Malfurion at least ten times,I finally gave in. There he was,standing there.
    "Malfurion! Wake up! Please!" I shrieked.
    "The Nightmare! Ilthalin! Please! The druids!" I cried,dropping to my knees.
    "I must leave,Ysera," he said,charging at me. Malfurion threw me into a portal. Suddenly,I was in my body again. I looked at Malfurion,still there.
    "Malfurion!" I shrieked,slapping his face.
    "Cynasia! Stop!" he commanded. I winced as Malfurion took the shape of a storm crow and flew out. I ran after him. I face-slammed into a force field. I saw Kala run for me as I hit the ground.

    "Cyn! Wake up! Its over!" Kala said,splashing water on my face. We were by Lake Elune'ara. All the druids were around me. My head was in Kala's lap. I guess she was that kind of person you wanted to be with forever or something.
    "Wh-what happened?" I asked.
    "Arch Druid Malfurion banished Ilthalin and he is now our teacher!" Taha shrieked. I hadn't known her for someone loud. She was quiet and composed. Arch Druid Malfurion was standing there,observing this.
    "Really?" I asked Malfurion. He nodded. I was practically exploding inside.
    "And,I suppose class is canceled today," Malfurion said,ushering us to our barrow dens. I had managed to get Kala to come to mine.
    "Oh my stars! Cyn,you're like a hero!" Kala giggled.
    "No,I'm not," I said. I dragged my legs up to my chest.
    "Anyways,I believe that we shall have what Human girls call a 'sleepover'," Kala said. It turned out to be somewhat fun. We danced around my barrow den. Malfurion came in while we were dancing and he left. When he left,we started giggling like children. Then we decided to raid the kitchen for some desserts. Halfway through the night,we went into my closet and tried on a bunch of clothes. Kala picked out my bathing suit,or as Humans put it,my 'bikini'. Human words were so confusing!
    "Oh my stars! Cynasia! Elune!" Kala giggled. I tackled her and told her not to tell a soul. Then we drew each other. She drew me as a stick-figure and I drew her perfectly. I tackled her again. She broke out in a giggling fit again,so we decided to play hide-and-seek. Kala found me in 2 minutes. So we stopped playing when I got mad. Eventually,whne the sun came out,we were crashed out in my bedroom.
    "Kala,Cynasia," Malfurion said,half-way waking us up.
    "Mmph," I said. Malfurion flicked me in the ear. Night Elves have large ears that point backwards.
    "WHAT?!" I yelled.
    "You are late for class," he said.
    "Well,yesterday you said there was no school today," it wasn't his exact words. But I had to try something.
    "Fine,but I want you up and ready tomorrow," Malfurion said. And with that,he left.

    Chapter 3
    Kala left after awhile,having to continue to move in. I stretched out and started brushing out my hair. Then I took our dishes and started washing them. We had eaten chocolate cake,chocolate mousse,cookies,spice bread,and chocolate bread. I took note that Kala and I also loved chocolate. Then I started to do the laundry. I also threw in the clothes I was wearing and pulled on a new robe. I also switched my blankets because of the cookie crumbs. After that was done,I began tending to my plants. Kala had taken the sunflower home so we could split the responsibility. I had fruits and vegetables and flowers.
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