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    Default A broken Friendship...With a broken soul

    First, I'd like to say, that this writing poured every word out of my heart. This is a true story, and it would sound weird...but idk, it's just a great spark within' me I cannot let out...
    Please, take my writing as a remindar of how your friend, or yourself, would feel at a time like mine...
    The 2 Friends

    There was something that changed me, and i'm here to share, for it has blamed me, for you who's never cared....At a while ago, there were two friends, they were enemys at frist, not excaly though, they were frinemys. You always seemed to hurt my feelings, and blame me for how i am. U sit there while you do this, and by the looks of your face you don't care a thing.
    But a feeling inside me, just changes my mind...we have so much in common, and you still was the funnest friend i could have.
    But everytime we changed spotlights, from friends to frnemys to enemys. Everytime you seemed to change, and no matter how you treated me, i always helped you.
    I remember that time, we were walking down the hallway at school, our teacher said we needed to get this video of some sort, and ordered you to get it, but you made a sign with your hands saying: "C'mon! Lets get outta this dump hole!"
    By the time we were in the hallway, we chatted about your camp and stuff, and we had so much fun. We were laughing and talking...then at Friday, you asked me to become your BFF, and that...just lasted for 2 weeks...
    You know what happened after that? You came back to your new friend, which you only knew for about a year, while you knew me the most. I have been drained to someone even more terrorifing, whom she herself always made me sad, and say stupid stuff to other people that weren't true...and hit me on purpose and pushed me around...
    Still, i feel weird telling you the would just think i'm weird or too emotional..
    But you were always the greatest friend in the inside of you...
    Something deep inside you that makes you different from other people...

    But you see, all those memories are gone. For you, now, never cared a thing about me...from all those memories we seeked, that only i remember now...
    Now i stand here just waiting for Summer to come, so i can finally get out of this wretched place.
    But you...i just don't get it.

    We were such great friends, we had so much in common, we were better than any other friend, we were the greatest. And although you treated me horribly, making-fun and all were still the greatest friend a person could ever had.
    Now it's like a washed up memory, faded into the light with no hopes but sarrow left.
    Sure, i wasn't the best, I had messed up hair, horrible clothes, weird but funny and nice personality, and parents that barely let me go to your never thought about the bright side of things. You could always come to my house, instead of me coming to yours. You could always ask me to sing or play my gutair or draw this or that, you could've just kept your comments to yourself...but no matter where i look...there is always a friend that has a disadvangtage..
    Nobody's perfect, and nobody's best. Because no matter who you are, there is always something that'll change your life. Ever since 4th grade, you treated me like a brat. You made me feel washed up, and you changed me. From my sweet litle girl personiality, to my worried, overdressed, hardened personiality. You lied to me, and you treated every other friend as if they were your friend for years, while they weren't. I knew you the most of all people, and you knew me the most. We were great, epic friends...and you were teasing me around all day.

    Mainly, this is about us in school...for we never saw each other when we were out of the building, and so we cannot see each other every again. Why? For i had enough of this school and classmates treating me like thin air. And you never said sorry in your life! And i was there whenever you needed me, even though you didn't ask for it...I was there whenever you needed a hand. I actually CARED about you...but what friend are you, and what fool am still beileve that somewhere inside that soild chest, is a golden heart.

    Your now nothing,
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    Default Re: A broken Friendship...With a broken soul

    Cool story

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