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Title: Broken.

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    Default Broken.

    Since everyone else seems to be writing 'creepy' stories, I though why not write one. Just short, so...Yeah. And I'm bored now so haha. (:

    Spoiler: show
    There was that noise. Tap. Tap. I keep telling myself it would be the branch from the Old Oak tree, but my head told me what I was guessing was incorrect. So, I went to look.
    Tap. Tap. My heart was pounding. Tap!
    "Shut up!" I screamed. The funny thing was, when I was scared, I liked to shout or talk to myself, to reassure myself someone was still inside. But there was someone else, too.
    "No." I found myself saying. Then I said, "What?"
    Tap. Tap. Tap.
    I laughed.
    Did I?

    My heart faltered when I saw the tree. It was still there, but it wasn't taping the window at all.
    Tap. Tap. Tap.
    Then it began.
    Break...Break...Break... It was a twisted voice, saying it in a cruel, raspy whisper.
    Break! Break! Break! The something screamed. I jumped. Where was it coming from? It wasn't far away at all.
    Break. It said. You'll...Break... It was dying down now.
    Secret... It muttered, barley audible.
    "Please, whatever you are, wherever you are...You're scaring me." I whimpered.
    Tough... The voice was so tight it sounded like it was choking.

    I was running now, through my mansion of a house. My legs tried not to collide. I flew into the sitting room, then out again, switching room every two minutes.
    "Just go away!" I cried, tears starting to pour.
    Never. It cackled. I am with you forever. Bound to your soul...Till death.
    I bolted out the door.
    You can't escape! The voice laughed. You'll never get away!
    I ran into a wall. I turned around. End of the street. I ran back to my house, so fast. I thought I was going to vomit or something.

    I was in my bathroom now. I turned around to go to the sink. Then I screamed.
    In the mirror, I saw my face. Distorted. Red eyes. And out my twisted mouth, disproportioned like the rest of me, tumbled the words;

    Haha I am not much of a horror writer, as people who have read some of my stories you'll know I'm more of a fantasy gal. :3 But hehe good to try ah?

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    Default Re: Broken.

    It is good but to me it seems to be written in a more poetic format...
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    Default Re: Broken.

    Amazingly awesome

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