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    Icon7 Break The Seams Samplette...Tell me how i did!!!

    I rose from my bed halfway through the night, advancing on the search to find my runaway Ipod. Halfway through, I heard a loud flittery noise outside my window, almost like a bird trying to get in and steal my good pencils. Pretty curious of what it was, I glanced out the window, and saw this huge owl! I was slightly spooked by it, yet I was curious to see this owl a little closer.
    I stumble across my bed, and stretch over to open the shades, to see this beautiful beast. But first glance, I thought I'd seen a small humanoid body attatched to the enormous wings. I simply shook my head, and held off for a minute to kind of rid my mind of fooling itself and making me see stuff. So I take a go at looking at the owl again, but this time, I turned my lights on, and lifted my windowshades. A thin body, dressed in a lace lined dress, with skinny arms reaching out at me. Now, I was scared. Approaching the dirty glass, while landing it lifted its hands up, and threw them to the side of its body, like it was telling me to get out of the house. The window lightly shakes, and opens, letting the cold night's breeze sweep into the room.
    The being climbed gracefully into my room, and looked straight into my eyes. Now, in close perspective, it looked so much like a sweet young little girl, with icy gray eyes and short blond hair. Yet it had these huge wings now folded behind its back, covered in fluffy tawny feathers, almost looking like they're striped. She looks up at me, penetrating my soul with her bright eyes. Lifting her arms up to her hips, she says...
    HA PSYCHE!!! Well, I felt like a writer for today, and I decided to use that feeling while it lasts Well, am I doing good? ( An artist cant tell about its own works, it just labels it all perfect and beautiful) Am i using too many commas? Is windowshades really a word? Does this make sense to you? Tell me your thoughts, negative or positive, doesn't matter to me!!! This isn't the original, the original's on my blog. I've made my decision to make this into a possible FRIbook, unless all the rest of you fully despise this samplet. Otherwise, tell me how you honeslty feel, my feelings will not be hurt AT ALL. Just a note, I'll post this both here, and on my blog, so you can read the FRIbook without getting 7 emails a week. Thanks for reading, my fellow muses!!

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    Default Re: Break The Seams Samplette...Tell me how i did!!!

    that's really cool! thx for sharing.

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    Default Re: Break The Seams Samplette...Tell me how i did!!!

    it's awesome =]

    Spoiler: show

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