I am me.Who is me? Well, me hasn't exactly found the perfect logical explanation for me, because me is on that journey to finding who and where me is. But this is what I can tell you about me. Me is that kid. That kid, who is the outcast of the outcasts. Me is one of the few eighth graders who will, again, be in the yearbook staff for her impressive manga skillz. Me is blonde, fat, happy, yet demure. Me likes the way me is. Me is Hime Toyu.

I've lived a typical life. I have parents who still tug on your pants, a boyfriend who doesn't seem to love me like he used to, and teachers that hate me because I'm not their religion. But this doesn't weigh me down, let me tell you. I may be broken, but there's one medicine to that-- one cup of mocha latte, a pinch of randomness, an hour of full blast vocaloid music, a dash of dancing to Gorillaz music, a long drawing session, and a long time of watching some random anime of choice, and singing to my theme song- Fool On The Hill by the Beatles. The outcome of my special recipe to pure happiness? Being the queen of the ****s, and a mega otaku. Go on, poke fun at me, I like my life just the way it is, and if you need me, I'm going to live it.

I live in this little town, in Idaho, called Fruitsbasket. Yes, reminds me of the anime, but there's nothing fruity about this little dump. All we grow is onions, garlic, cherries, corn, and pure spearmint. Smells delicious when you step outside! Even worse, our local schools have to wear boring uniforms of black or khaki pants or skirts, or black, orange, grey, or white colored collared shirts. Lovely, huh?

Well, now that you just noticed that I'm random, and that you dislike random, it's best you turn around and very much avoid reading my diaries, as I tend to change moods and have random outbursts. Otherwise, I could slightly care less if you read my diaries, because I've got no secrets to hide...
GUH first chapter down. I felt less creative today than when I put out the samplette...And I've got no better idea for chapter names besides my favorite songs... oh well :/ Not the original post, the originally posted FRIbook is on my blog if you wish to subscribe. Again, it will be posted on both the forum and on my blog, for those who want to try a single chapter and decide if they want to get my FRIbook