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    Default Book Reviews: Reviews on FRI story's By: Tommy0327, EpicJewelspotter, and Katlyn Oakdream!!

    Book Reviews:
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    An Amberknight Studios Production!

    About Me:
    Hello, I'm Tommy0327. I love to read and write! I have written a few books and posted them here on Free Realms Insider (FRI). I'm currently writing a few books too. EpicJewelspotter (Epic or EpicJewel) will review my books and put up my links as well as being my back up. I not going to go "advertise frenzy" so I will have EpicJewel do my story's and links. So here's what I'm here for: I'm here to review books and welcome people to the world of reading!!!! With that said, welcome to the world of reading!

    Book Reviews:
    I'm only going to review books you suggest for review so just leave a comment to let me know what you want me or Epic to review for you!

    Writing Books:
    If you want to write a book, go to this link, it's the same set up as this just for making books! Link:
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    Spoiler: show
    Actually wrapped in a spoiler but still awesome!

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