Along long time ago there where some ponys sent to war against the evil nightmare. No one knew his name but feared under his power. Some of the ponys say that the nightmare was sending all ponys that were against him to the fire whip. The fire whip is a long whip that turned int to fire and when ever a pony was inside the cage... the fire whip would turn on and beat the pony until it would drop to it's knees. Many ponys did not survive this punishment. Any ways lets get back to the storie. One day when the war was still going a young colt was born but not just a day the day of the star celebration. Ever so hundreds of years the star would make a shape of a pony and shooting stars would fall from the sky. To many of the ponys it was a sign a sign that a pony would take down the evil nightmare forever. And thats what just happened a young colt named Brave star was born. His mother and father were so proud that they had a son. As years past and the war still going young Brave star was going up.

Hunter father of Brave star: Brave star come on home your dinner is ready!

Hunter: ( yelling) Brave star! where is that colt now!

In the market of horseshoe

Brave star: ( laughing) come on you guys!

Saddle a friend of Brave star: wait up!

Silver another friend of Brave star: yeah wait! I don't see what the big rush is.

Brave star: ( hooves pound on the ground as running) Today is the day!

Saddle and Silver: What day?!

Brave star: The day Ms. Golden apple gives away free apple pie!

Saddle and Silver: oh

Ms. Golden apple is the baker pony: ( see the young foals running toward her) Oh good morning you three your early.

Brave star: ( breaths heavy trying to catch breath) We... came... for the pie.

Ms. Golden apple: ( giggles ) did you now? well I have a fresh apple pies one for each of you.

Ms. Golden apple: ( gives each of the young foals a pie) Here you go have a nice day.

Brave star: ( starts trotting back home ) See i told you that was worth it. XP

Silver: yeah ok that's was worth it.

Saddle: OMG! I have to get home cya.

Silver: yea me too! cya Brave star.

Brave star: bye

Brave star: ( hears father calling him) UH-OH coming dad!

Well that's it for now cause I have to go to school but I will be back to make more. Oh yea plz write a comment on what you thought so far thx.735441-bigthumbnail.jpg