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    Default The Blossom Tree...

    Yes, I started a new story. ^^ More like a reality thingy. ^^
    (Sorry 'Bout the bad cover, I couldn't find any good pics, but was obliged to do one.)

    The Blossom Tree

    Spoiler: show
    The new house seemed rather interesting as we drove up to it. It was larger than our other one, that's for sure. The moving truck stopped outside a large oak door. Strands of ivy dangled down over the door, and covered most of the front wall, too. Mum was out the car in a few seconds after she'd pulled the brake and taken the keys out. I took a few more seconds, as I'd rather liked our old home. But, Mum said we should turn over a new leaf, and start again. Her mother had just died, so she was a little loopy, and probably didn't know what exacally she was doing when she'd bought the house. Well, at least it hadn't been one of those nights. Then who knows what she'd have bought. Maybe a little bungalow in the middle of no-where.

    As I walked up to front door, there was one question I was asking myself:What do I do if I don't like the house? Mum hadn't bothered to show it to me yet, she was that kind of person who liked surprises. Dad said he wanted the old house, and my older brother wanted to stay with him. Mum, of course, didn't want to move into the house alone, so dragged me along with her. I didn't mind; I'd feel too guilty to let her move out here, all on her own.

    The time drew near. Mum reached out to open the door. She slotted her new key in the lock, and turned it, slowly. Then, she pushed open the door, even slower. My heart was beating so hard it could have burst out of my chest at any given moment. And voilla. It was massive. Not just the kind of massive people use to exaggerate, I'm saying it was colossal. There was my favourite type of staircase - A spiral one. - In the corner, and two hallways that lead separate ways. The moving man came in, and his mouth would have gone through the floorboards if it was possible.
    "I-I'll get the stuff unpacked, then." He said, totally astonished.
    "Lucky little things." He muttered, walking off. I actually felt bad about overhearing that.
    "Wow." I said. "How could you afford this?" I asked.
    Mum's face turned ashen. "Secret." She whispered.
    "Can I go see my room?" I asked.
    "There's three. Chose one!" She shrugged.

    I was up the spiral staircase in moments. There were pieces of paper labelling the rooms. The first one I saw happened to be a bedroom. I opened it.
    "Oh my gosh!" I gasped. The most amazing room ever! It had a walk-in wardrobe.
    The second bedroom wasn't as big, but still had a walk-in wardrobe.
    I checked out the bathroom and upstairs lounge, and I realised how wrong I had been to not want to come here. What my Dad and Brother were missing out on!
    The third bedroom was the best. The owners, who seemed to be very kind, had left a nice TV in there, wrapped and everything. I let out a squeal that Dad and my Brother probably could probably hear back at home.

    I ran back downstairs. Mum was in the kitchen, already making lunch with a few unpacked things.
    "Room three, right?" She asked.
    "How'd you know?" I questioned.
    "Just a feeling." She made a small smile.
    "There's a TV in there!" I told her, beaming.
    "Nice owners, then." She chuckled, with a sniff of her nose.
    "What's up? Runny nose?" I laughed.
    "Yeah." She said, wiping her nose with her jumper sleeve. It was then I realised she was crying. Just one tear, but still.
    "What's up?" I asked, still smiling.
    "You don't think it's odd someone you 'don't know' has left you a TV? And how I afforded this house?" She was trying to smile, as she could see the concern on my face.
    "Oh." I mused. "Oh."
    "Knew you'd realise. Smart girl." She ruffled my hair, getting bogey in it.
    "She was a good woman, my Mum. Left 'us this house, mebbe for you. But me and Dad just aren't too happy together. So, I decided I'd spoil it for you. We're here now. We're going to be happy, going to live normally. Just the two of us!"
    She was having a moment. Like I told you earlier, she had weird moments, when she was just telling herself everything was going to be okay. It's not good to be around her when this happens. So, I slowly and cautiously backed through the door, and ran to my room, just to let her calm down. Woah, this might be a long few years for me.
    Spoiler: show

    (Ignore that extra spoiler, it's just there for some reason.)

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    Default Re: The Blossom Tree...

    Nice beginning to the story! I like stories like these! I hope you will make another chapter, because you left me hanging there at the end trying to figure out what will happen next.
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