So, I've decided: I need to practise my battle scenes, as well as get better at the whole story-writing thing. My big project is a book about ancient china, named Blue Flame: Prophercy. Anyways, I hope this isn't inappropriate, so I need to say 10+ if you are to read this!

Fyre drew his blade, and sighed. He'd been training his whole life to face off to a girl. He really did have more to do. The academy students cheered, but it wasn't rocket science for him to guess they were cheering for Yhaeira.
Fyre and Yhaeira let out a battle cry and charged forwards, kicking up fine sand as they ran. Fyre threw his sword down over his head, but Yhaeira blocked it and then thrust her sword forwards. Fyre parried it with a sweep coming from the right arm. Then, he diagonally swept his blade and caught Yhaeria on the shoulder. Her brown sleeve turned red, and she gasped in pain, before lurching to the ground.
"One to Fyre!!" Yelled Mr. Twae.
Round two began. Yhaeria Slammed her blade down over Fyre's head. Fyre stepped back, as it was too late to block. Without hesitation, Fyre gently slashed Yhaeria in the side. Yelping in pain, she fell into the floor. She clutched her side.
"Man down!" Shouted Nurse. Suze.
Fyre went red. He'd hurt a girl. Maybe killed her. But he thought, At least it wasn't me. But what was going to happen to him?

Terrible D: I know!