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    Default Battle of a Lifetime

    (Reminder: This is completely fictional. The names, characters, and places are fictional.)

    Chapter 1
    Snow fell lightly upon the Minnesota grass. Megan counted the snowflakes happily as Levi, her older brother, and her mom talked in the kitchen. Levi every once in a while would look at Megan making sure she was okay.
    "She is going in again." Their mom would tell Levi quietly.
    "I know, Mom. I just wish I could help her somehow." Levi would always answer back.
    "Levi!" Megan yelled that morning.
    Levi watched her run into the kitchen and smiled. "Hello, Megan."
    Megan hugged him. "Can you come with me to the hospital? Please."
    Levi, at the age of sixteen, shook his head making his long brown hair fall into his eyes. "I have school. I will come visit you right after. I promise."
    Most kids Levi's age would never want to hang out with their little sister or brother. Megan was different. Last year she got brain cancer. Megan became home schooled the next year. Megan was only eight then and didn't know why Mom was pulling her out. Then Megan started losing her hair and loved picking out wigs, but even then little Megan knew something wasn't right.
    "Hurry up Levi. You are going to be late." Mom said nicely.
    "Okay." Levi said and hugged Megan one more time. "Bye Megan. Bye Mom."
    Levi walked out into the cold and started his car. He saw Megan sitting by the window, watching. Levi smiled and looked into Megan's big brown eyes. She was wearing Levi's 'Monster' hat and smiled back. He remembered when they looked too much alike. His long brown hair matching hers. Their brown eyes looking into each others happily. Levi felt tears forming in his eyes. "Don't be sad big brother. Be strong." Megan would tell him whenever she saw him cry.

    Levi drove to school without the radio on like he usually did. He met his friends, Logan and Shaun. in the commons like always.
    "Hey Levi!" Logan called from a table sitting next to Shaun.
    Levi walked over to him. "Hey guys."
    "Hey." Shaun said and threw him a candy bar.
    "Here come those Olympics." Shaun said.
    "Yeah, if only they gave out money." Levi muttered.
    Logan shrugged. "They might not, but I know someone who does."
    "Who?" Levi asked quickly.
    "Easy Hayes, easy." he said jokingly.
    "It's just a rumor, but-" Shaun started.
    "Claire's dad gives you tons of money if you get first place." Logan said.
    Claire was the mayors daughter. Their family was super rich and loved attention. If Levi won, tons of people would know what town he was from, and the mayor would love that. Just then, Claire walked up to them. "I hear you guys talking about the Olympics. Just talk to daddy and might help you. You can do anything you want. Good luck."
    Levi looked at Shaun and Logan. "Snowboarding."
    The guys smiled then groaned once the bell rang. Now, Levi had higher hopes. He still actually had to get into the Olympics. Levi knew this could change his life. Big time. Even Megan's. If he didn't get into the Olympics, he could always compete in the snowboarding contest like he does every year and win himself ten bucks. Although, he had no idea how much it would cost to get himself a new board and into the Olympics, but he knew he had to do this. He finally found something he could do to help Megan. Just like he always wanted.

    Chapter 2
    The classes went by quickly now that Levi had something to look forward to. The kids filled the commons and kitchen. Levi scanned the room for Shaun or Logan. They were nowhere in sight.
    "Levi!" a voice called behind him. Levi spun around and bumped into Claire. Thankfully she wasn't holding a tray full of food.
    "Oh. Claire." Levi said softly.
    Claire smiled. "I called Daddy. He wants to meet you after school. Is that okay?"
    Levi was speechless. The mayor wanted to meet with him. Possibly get him into the Olympics. Finally, Levi nodded. Claire smiled and walked over to her friends. Levi walked towards the lunch line still stunned.
    "Dude." Logan said and clamped a hand on Levi's shoulder making him jump.
    Levi frowned. "What was that for?"
    Logan put his hands up to block a punch if needed. Levi shook his head and turned away.
    Logan and Levi almost threw up seeing what was for lunch. They stepped out of line and grabbed the pizza. Shaun was already sitting at a table waiting for them.
    "Here." Levi said and handed the pizza to Shaun.
    Shaun stood. "Okay. I might be skinny but I'm not that skinny."
    Shaun was the skinniest of the three with short honey-colored hair and hazel eyes seemed to make him the hottest too.
    "Dude, you're a bean pole." Logan said with a laugh. He was the strongest of the three with midnight blue eyes and dark blonde hair.
    "I am not." Shaun muttered taking a bite of the pizza.
    Logan and Shaun continued to argue until they realized Levi hasn't said anything for a while.
    "What's up?" Shaun asked.
    Levi shrugged. "I'm supposed to meet with the mayor today after school. I promised Megan I would hang out with her right after school."
    "Just go to the mayor first." Logan said.
    Levi shook his head. "What about Megan?"
    "Dude, you live with her. Besides, the mayor can get you into the Olympics which will help Megan. It's a win-win." Shaun explained.
    Logan nodded, Levi was still unsure. He would call his mom after school.

    Once the final bell rang Levi ran out of the school. He dialed his mom's number and let it ring. After the third one she picked up.
    "Levi are you okay?" Mom asked, she sounded scared and worried.
    "Yes Mom. I'm fine." Levi answered. "I need to talk to you though."
    Mom paused, then answered. "What is it, honey?"
    "The mayor wants to talk to my after school. He wants to talk about getting me into the Olympics. If I do good he will pay us." Levi explained.
    "That's great honey. But we don't have the money right now." Mom said.
    "No, Mom. He'll pay for everything. New board, clothes, trainer. Everything." Levi said.
    Mom sighed. "Okay honey. Go talk to him. Oh Megan wants to talk."
    Levi swallowed. He had promised Megan he would be with her after school.
    "Levi?" Megan's soft voice came to his ears.
    Levi felt tears fill his eyes blurring his vision. "Yeah?"
    "Good luck, big brother. I love you." Megan said. If Levi could see her, he knew she would be smiling up at him right now.
    "I love you too, Megan." Levi answered. "Bye."
    He hung up and wiped his eyes.
    "Big bad guy is crying, huh." he heard Shaun say behind him. Levi didn't turn, or move.
    "Shut up." Logan said then elbowed Shaun in the gut.
    Levi turned. "I'm going to talk to the mayor. Wish me luck."
    "Good luck!" Logan and Shaun said at the same time.
    Levi jumped into his car and headed twords the town hall. Where the mayor would be. Hopefully. So far he was having a good day.

    Chapter 3
    Levi drove to the town hall quickly. His palms were sweating and his mind was racing. He parked his car outside the town hall and just sat there.
    The building was pure white. The door was large class double doors with Town Hall painted in gold letters. Along the walls on the ground were pink and white flowers in alternating colors. The grass looked like it was recently mowed. A cement walkway shined and looked like someone took time to gloss it too. On both sides where the walkway met the parking lot, little apple trees sat. A few golden leaves were left hanging, but no apples. Everything looked perfect, even though winter was coming.
    Slowly, Levi got out of the car and walked in. On the right and left side of the room, white chairs were lined against the wall. Hanging on the walls were pictures of the previous mayors. In the middle of the room was a brown dirty rug with the dirty town hall stamp in the center. In the front of the room was a large desk with a lady working on a computer. A narrow hallway was on the left side of the desk, probably leading to offices.
    Suddenly, the lady looked up from her computer and smiled. "I'm Emily Cameron. Are you Levi Hayes?" Levi nodded. He didn't know what else he should do. Emily stood and smoothed out her dark blue blazer and fixed her black skirt. "Follow me please."
    Emily's red curly hair bounced when she walked and her black shoes made a clicking noises every time they hit the linoleum. For some reason, Levi felt underdressed. Maybe it was because Emily looked so perfect. However, his mother wouldn't approve of him liking her, since she was probably a lot older than he was himself.
    They passed a lot of doors by the time they reached a door that had Mr. James Knight painted on it. Emily twisted the knob and, followed by Levi, walked in.
    The mayors office looked a lot like the main room. Only the pictures of the mayors were replaced with pictures of the Knight family. Mr. Knight looked up and smiled. He was a tall and slim man, he looked exactly like Claire, only in man form.
    "Welcome Mr. Hayes." Mr. Knight said. "Thank you Ms. Cameron. I'll take it from here."
    Emily smiled, nodded, then left. Levi crossed the room to the mayors desk.
    "Please, sit Mr. Hayes." Mr. Knight said.
    "Mr. Hayes is my father. Call me Levi." Levi said with a laugh.
    Mr. Knight laughed. "Still hanging on to your childhood I see. Now, I hear you want to join the Olympics. Since you have a knack for snowboarding, I've been itching to sponsor you. Anyone in their right mind would anyways. You join the community snowboarding competition every year don't you?"
    Levi nodded. "You are correct, sir."
    "Aren't I always?" Knight said with a chuckle. "Any who, I'll pay to help you get in and all the other stuff you need. Does five grand sound reasonable? Yes it does. If you get second or higher in the games I'll tack on a whole bunch more. Maybe fourth or third if I think you do good enough. How old are you Levi?"
    "Sixteen, sir." Levi answered quickly.
    Mr. Knight paused, then said. "That's cutting it close, but it will have to do. The winter Olympics are being hosted in Salt Lake City, Utah this year. You ready for it?"
    "As ready as I'll ever be." Levi answered with a smiled.
    Mr. Knight nodded. "Well, I'll call you for more information if I get any."
    Levi nodded. "Thank you so much Mr. Knight."
    Mr. Knight held his hand out and Levi shook it.

    "I'm home!" Levi called, he was still smiling.
    Mom ran into the living room. "How did it go?"
    Levi walked up to his mom and hugged her. "It was terrific Mother. He is getting me into the Olympics, no cost to us. Where's Megan?"
    "In her room." Mom answered. Her eyes were tearing up and she turned away so Levi couldn't watch her cry, like she would do when Megan was around. Levi ran up the stairs calling Megan's name.
    "Levi?" Megan called back. "Levi!" She ran to hug him and smiled.
    "I'm going to be in the Olympics Megan. For you." Levi said looking at her.
    Megan smiled. "For me? Just me?"
    Levi nodded and hugged her again. He felt his own eyes tearing up, he buried his own face in Megan hair and left the tears fall silently.
    "Are you crying big brother?" Megan asked softly.
    Levi nodded. "Yes little sister. I'm sorry."
    Megan shrugged her little shoulders. "Everyone is crying lately, big brother. It's okay. I'm used to it now. Even the doctor started crying when I told him you were trying to get into the Olympics. He said to wish you luck."
    "Thank you Megan." Levi said. "Now, what color were you going to paint my nails?"
    Megan giggled. "I'll show you!" Megan took Levi's hand and tugged him into her bedroom.

    Chapter 4
    The next day, Levi climbed out of bed and hurried to get ready for the day. Even though it was Saturday. He ran down the stairs, his shirt backwards, his long brown hair was in every direction, and his toothbrush still hanging out of his mouth. Thankfully his pants were put on and on properly. Levi fell down the last two stairs and caught himself before he could choke on his toothbrush. Levi walked into the kitchen and finished brushing. He looked at himself and quietly laughed. "What a mess." He said to himself. While fixing his shirt he checked the time and his jaw dropped. The clock said it was almost one in the morning. Hopefully, that clock was wrong. If it wasn't he was going to hear about it when his mother woke up.
    After Levi freshened up he sat on the black leather couch and ran his fingers through his hair. Levi his head down on the armrest and let his body sink into the cushions. Above the couch, which was on the right side of the room, were pictures of Megan and himself. School photos, yuck! The white walls and black furniture made the room feel very depressing. Although there were a few pink and purple tutus placed around the room, making it a little happier.
    Thoughts bounced around in his head. Trying to keep them in order was very difficult. Finding anything harder to do would be impossible at the moment. Sitting became pacing. Waiting anxiously for Mr. Knight to call him. Finally, he had to give up on it and find something to do. Still, the house was soundless. Someone could drop a pen and it would be so loud you would need to cover your ears.
    Unlike the living room, the kitchen was a very colorful place. Baby blue, light purple, and faded pink cabinets, white countertops that Levi remembered splatter painting with Megan. Also, the fridge and freezer were white but full of pictures Megan has drawn, making Levi smile. The only thing that was normal was the sink, floor, faucet, and some kitchen appliances. Like the toaster and mixer.
    Levi threw two pieces of toast in the toaster and waited patiently. While waiting, he heard someone walking down the stairs and turning on the lights Levi missed himself. His mother came around the corner and smiled at Levi. "Good morning." she said and Levi nodded.
    Mom was only forty-seven but looked very young. No wrinkles, her eyes still were bright and happy, and her smile was warm and welcoming. Mom had Levi early and Dad left when he was only two. She was always able to keep herself together even when most people couldn't. Mom had a few boyfriends before Megan's cancer was found, but they always screwed up some way or another. Even Levi's friends have crushed on his mom, until they found out she was a lot older than them.
    "What's on your mind honey?" Mom asked pulling her dark chocolate hair away from her face, showing her brown eyes that Megan and Levi had.
    Levi let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. "Everything and anything."
    Mom nodded and knew not to ask anymore questions. She always seemed to have that gift. Knowing when and when not to ask questions.
    Megan's little head peaked around the corner and smiled. "Good morning."
    Levi smiled. "Good morning, Megan."
    "Morning, dear." Mom said smooth like honey.
    Everyone sat in silence, then they jumped when Levi's phone rang. Quickly, he answered without looking to see who was calling.
    "Hello?" Levi said slowly.
    "This is Mayor Knight. The Olympics are being held in Salt Lake City this year. I am ordering a charter bus to drive you there. You may bring friends and family. No worries, I will pay for almost everything. You will need to pay for food and everything like that. We are going to drive there as soon as possible. Are you ready Mr. Hayes?" Mr. Knight said quickly and happily.
    Levi was frozen with excitement. He felt a smile growing on his face, but still couldn't speak. Everything was happening so fast that he still hadn't wrapped his mind around yesterday. Shock had frozen his limbs and everything in his body, possibly going to ned up killing him if it was possible. He hopped it wasn't
    Mr. Knight's voce brought him back to reality "Mr. Hayes? Are you there? Did I call the wrong person?"
    "N-no, sir. This is Levi Hayes." Levi stuttered. "Thank you so much Mr. Knight. I really couldn't thank you enough."
    Knight laughed. "It's nothing, kid. Just do good and get packed!"
    "Right." Levi said. "Goodbye, sir."
    "Hang up already kid." Knight said and Levi hung up.
    Megan and Mom looked at him quizzically. He beamed at them then ran up to his room. Finally, he was going to enter into the Olympics.

    Chapter 5
    The next day, Levi sat in first hour, counting down the hours. Shaun and Logan were waiting too, since of course they were not going to be left behind. The second Levi walked through the school doors he told them about it and if he wasn't going to invite them, well, let's just say it would be very colorful. Sadly, Levi didn't know who else he should have come along, Shaun and Logan were his only friends. He had no idea who or where his dad was. In addition to that, his family members all lived too far from Minnesota to invite them anyways.
    Finally, after fourth hour, the lunch bell rang. Levi raced down the stairs, threw his things into his locker, and quickly but carefully went into the lunch room. He frowned when he saw what was for lunch. The mystery meat. If you asked the lunch ladies they would call them ribs. If you asked another student, they'd call it mystery meat.
    "It's definitely is a mystery." Logan said with a disgusted look on his face. "I guess I buy a bag of chips."
    "Do you have two dollars, Levi?" Shaun asked looking at the meat with a confused look. Then again, Shaun always looks confused. Levi shook his head.
    "Well there goes my lunch then." Shaun said then saw Logan. "Logan! I need two dollars!" Then Shaun ran off. Levi was left alone standing in the middle of the lunch room.
    "Hello." Claire said. "Do you need money?" Levi just looked at her, he had no idea why everyone kept talking to him even though he wouldn't answer them. "Well, I have five bucks you could have. No need to pay me back." Levi took the money and bought a bag of chips and a Mountain Dew. Levi sat at the table with Shaun and Logan. Shaun shook his head.
    "Dude!" Shaun said looking at the food.
    Levi shrugged. "Claire gave me the money, chill."
    "Diet tastes better on the mountain." Logan said laughing.
    "But gross in my mouth." Shaun added.
    "I have no idea why I'm friends with you, Shaun." Levi said with a laugh.
    Shaun's eyebrows rose. "Because I'm awesome and since you hang out with me, I help you get the ladies."
    Levi laughed. "Yeah, because they are just all over you, Bro."
    "What can I say?" Shaun said and puffed out his chest. A few girls walked by a rolled their eyes making Levi laugh and Logan choke on his chip.
    "Told." Levi laughed.
    Shaun nodded and stood. "Bro, you have the ladies all over you once you get into the Olympics!"
    Levi half-smiled and Logan rose his eye brows. Still no girls overheard and left the guys alone.
    "At least I tried." Shaun said with a shrug.

    Sixth hour, science. Levi walked into the class room and took his seat. Class went as planned until two. The intercoms came on. "Levi Hayes, Shaun Davis, and Logan Mellark to the office please. Thank you!" Levi jumped out of his seat and smiled. "Good luck, Hayes." the teacher said and Levi nodded.
    "Here we go." whispered Levi to himself. He met up with his friends at the office and found the charter bus waiting outside. All their mothers were there with the rest of their family. Thankfully, none of them had a huge one. Shaun had the biggest: himself, his mom, one older brother, one younger brother, and one younger sister. Logan and Levi had smaller families. They each had one sibling and their mom. No fathers on this trip.
    Levi's mom had tears running down her face. "I'm so proud of you."
    "Thanks, Mom." Levi said and hugged her.
    "All your stuff is on the bus boys." Shaun's mom, Lisa, said.
    The boys nodded, ran onto the bus, and turned on All Time Low as loud as the radio would allow. Thankfully, the mayor wouldn't pay for a drive so Shaun's older brother, Jack, had to drive so they didn't get in trouble for having the music to loud.
    "Party!" Logan and Shaun yelled together. The girls screamed "No!" but still the boys ignored them and had fun. Their mothers rolled there eyes and tried to ignore the boys the best they could. Besides, this only happens once in a lifetime. Sometimes.

    Chapter 6
    At one in the morning, Levi and his friends were still full of energy. The music was turned down a few times, but that didn't kill their excitement. Jack was now drinking energy drinks since he fell asleep and almost drove into the ditch. Thankfully, everyone was unharmed but the Jamie and Abby questioned if he should still be driving. Lisa, Shaun's mom, questioned it too. Since no one else had the guts to take the wheel, Jack got to keep driving.
    "Okay boys." Lisa said over the music, "time to go to bed."
    "Finally!" Jamie, Shaun's sister, said.
    Shaun shot her a look.
    "Well it's true. You get are very loud." Abby, Logan's twin, shot at Shaun.
    The boys threw sleeping bags across the seats of the buss and tried to sleep. Sadly, Levi was still excited for tomorrow. Well today. Nothing could ruin it.

    Terri, Logan's mom, woke everyone up once the got into Salt Lake City. Terri got everyone's attention and told then what was going on. She was probably the most organized person Levi had ever met. First, they were going into their hotel rooms. The Hayes's and the Mellark's in one, the Davis's in another. Since their weren't any rooms big enough to fit all of them, they had to settle on this. They would hang out at the hotel for a while, then once it was noon, they would go watch Levi try out for the Olympics. Once Levi got into the Olympics, here Terri winked, they would do what ever they had to do. Levi just downgraded what they were doing. It sounded a lot more confusing and high tech when Terri said it.
    "Um, Terri, when do we get to use the bathroom?" Shane, Shaun's younger brother, asked. Levi cracked a smile and everyone else giggled or laughed.
    Terri shrugged. "That is up to you blatter Shane."
    "You could always go in the pool." Jack suggested.
    "Eew!" Jamie screamed coving her face in her hands.
    Abby nodded and flipped her unnatural red hair over her shoulder. "I agree with Jamie on that one. Yuck!"
    Jack grinned. Proud that he was the one to gross out the girls.
    "Now let's get our stuff and get into the hotel." Lisa and Julie said together. Julie was Levi's mom's name.

    The hotel was huge, clean, and perfect. Just like in the books. Their hotel rooms weren't really rooms they were so big. More like two big apartments put together. Once Levi put everything into the room, he now noticed why everyone wouldn't fit. Levi and Logan took up a lot of space and their mother's took up even more. Abby had a room to herself so compared to the room, she took very little space.
    "Race you to the pool." Logan said.
    "We don't even have our trunks on." Levi countered.
    Logan said, "Well we can see who can get them on and be in the pool the fastest."
    Levi grinned. "You're on!"
    After falling on his face, almost cutting his arm on the countertop, getting rug burns from tripping on nothing in the hallway, he made it to the pool just a little bit before Logan.
    "Dude, you have no idea what I went through to get here." Logan said out of breath.
    Levi laughed. "A concussion?"
    Logan shook his head and held out his arm. The hairs were burned off and the skin was tinted pink.
    "How?" Levi asked trying not to laugh.
    Logan shook his head. "Abby's hair straightener. Don't make her made when she's using it." Levi laughed and Logan pushed him into the pool.
    "Hey!" Shaun yelled. "Havin' fun without me?"
    "A little." Levi and Logan said together. They told him about the race and when they were done, Logan held out his right arm to show Shaun, who like Levi, laughed and ended up getting pushing into the pool. The boys didn't care if they got hurt, they just wanted to have fun. Who wouldn't?

    Chapter 7
    Shaun, Levi, Logan, Jack, and Shane were hanging out at the pool for most of the day. They only left to eat or use the bathroom. Abby and Jamie tried to be in the pool, but quickly found out it was a bad idea since the boys wouldn't stop slashing or making obnoxious noises. Not very many people even entered the room after that.
    Very few people came in the pool area at all. Maybe it was because there were five teenage guys there or they were to shy. Shane thought they were just to shy, until Jack saw a mother and two kids going to come in then changed there minds just as quick as he could blink.
    "Why are you always right?" Shane asked flipping his black hair out if his light brown eyes. Shane was only fourteen, but he looked older. His six pack and good muscles made him look older too. Shaun told him he would easily get a girl if he just talked more. Shane wouldn't listen. "I don't talk much because talking without thought isn't really talking at all." Shane would always answer back. Finally, Shaun just stopped bugging him.
    "I'm not," Jack replied. "You're just always wrong." Jack was nineteen and skinny, like Shaun. Jack wanted to be a machinist all his life. Now that he was in collage, he could finally make his dream come true. Jack always said that if he couldn't work with machinery or be an engineer, he would want someone he knows to form a band and he would work for them. True most people want to be famous, but this way, Jack can just have fun and not need a special talent.
    "He is true." Shaun agreed. Unlike the rest of his family, Shaun had dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. The only thing that put him with his family was how skinny he was. Everyone in his family was skinny, except for Shane. Everyone had dark brown or black hair and brown eyes. Shaun felt like he never fit in anywhere, until he met Levi and Logan. Probably the weirdest two guys he ever met.
    Logan and Levi laughed then tried to stop when they saw Shane's expression. Logan flipped his long light blonde hair out of his dark blue eyes and froze in place.
    "What?" Levi asked and turned to where Logan was looking. The only thing he saw was Abby with a guy he hadn't recognized.
    "Dude?" Shane asked looking at Logan then to Levi and back again.
    Levi ruffled his long dark brown hair. He didn't think of his hair as long, just as long as Alex Gaskarth's hair from All Time Low. His mom always wanted him to cut it, but of course, he wouldn't.
    Logan finally came back to life and looked at the guys. "Who is that Abby is talking to?"
    The guy looked about sixteen and had red hair and brown eyes. Abby didn't look like she liked him, but the boy looked like they wanted to be more than friends. Maybe that's what is setting Logan off. Levi thought. Then again, Logan usually doesn't care.
    "Dude. That's Roman, from school. He is a grade above us." Shaun said and Logan's jaw tensed.
    "Roman?" Jack asked confused.
    "Roman Valdes." The boys said together with bitterness.
    "What's wrong with him?" Jack and Shane asked. Levi wondered if this was say-everything-with-someone-else day and he hadn't known about it.
    The boys explained how Roman got all the girls. He was in football, basketball, and tennis. Logan had said that he had no idea why the girls thought someone who played tennis was attractive. Only Claire and her friends didn't like him, Logan was hoping Abby was the same. They didn't know if Roman liked anyone either, he always took what came, then once he got tired of it he left it like trash. Somehow Logan and Shaun were able to pick those ones up easily.

    It was an hour before Levi had to be where the Olympics were being held. Mr. Knight was staying in Salt Lake City, but it was only him. Claire had no interest in coming. Levi got all his stuff together. There was nothing new yet, Mr. Knight wanted to make sure he was actually going to get in before buying all the gear. Levi's jacket was red and black. He pants were all black and his boots were red. His helmet had fire on it. It looked like the rim of his helmet was ablaze and spreading to the rest of the helmet. His board was red with his name in black across the bottom. His goggles were red and his gloves were white.
    "Levi, I want a picture of us with all your stuff on." his mom said with a smile.
    Levi nodded. Logan and Shaun took the picture. They got a few pictures with Levi and his family. Next, they took a picture with him and the rest of the guys. When all that was done, it was time to go.
    "Everyone ready?" Terri asked excitedly.
    "Yes!" everyone said together. Levi's stomach wouldn't stop moving with anticipation. Time to actually test his skills. Was he good enough?

    Chapter 8
    As Levi's mother signed him up he took this time to take in everything around him. He felt Megan's little hand in his and he felt warm inside. Logan and Shaun whispered and pointed to hot girls as Jack took pictures of them. Megan talked to Jamie and Abby. Shane had ran off time find a vending machine without a line, which looked impossible in this place. Everything had a line, the bathrooms, water fountain, vending machine, even the doors had people swarmed around them either leaving of entering.
    Everything was clean. Like a doctor's office. Almost to clean. Megan knew the smell better than anyone else here, that's what it felt like to Levi. She almost could move into the hospital, but he wasn't going to let that happen.
    "In coming," Shaun said under his breath. Roman was strutting up to them, hopefully to flirt with Abby and not sign up. Logan tensed next to Shaun.
    Jack put a hand on Logan's shoulder. "Dude, chill."
    "It's my sister his is flirting with," Logan answered. If only looks could kill.
    Roman swished his red hair out of his eyes and flashed a smile at Abby, who turned away from him. "Hey I didn't know you were entering. Who is going to take on the pros?"
    Levi, in his snowboarding gear, snorted. "I wonder."
    Roman shrugged. "I thought you were just cold."
    "Why would he have his helmet and goggles on?" Logan asked ice seeping into his voice.
    Roman looked taken aback. He probably thought everyone liked him and never would he have thought someone would have anything against him. Roman wore a red polo with dark jeans and black Puma sneakers. Typical Roman Myers.

    Levi clenched and unclenched his fists. His stomach was twisted into millions of knots. They stood at the entrance to the half-pipe where he was suppose to wait.
    "You'll do great, bro!" Shane said with a grin. Levi wasn't so sure.
    Logan and Shaun nodded in agreement. Jack crossed his arms over his chest. "Knock 'em dead."
    Abby stepped forward. "Good luck." She kissed his helmet where his cheek would have been. Jamie said nothing but Megan ran up and hugged him. Levi swallowed hard and stood straighter. For Megan, he thought. He walked into a room where both guys and girls were waiting anxiously. Levi leaned against the wall the tried to even his breathing. A guy started walking up to him. The man looked young, maybe middle twenties or late twenties. He had brown eyes and his hair, if he had any, was covered under his black helmet. His goggles were in his hand.
    "You new?" he asked. "I'm Ross. Ross Powers."
    Levi removed his goggles. "I'm new. The name's Levi Hayes."
    Ross stuck his hand out for Levi to shake it, and he did. Ross acted a lot calmer than Levi could this possible for him at this moment.
    "Dude, you're shaking," Ross laughed. Levi clenched his fists hoping it would make the shaking less noticeable, it didn't.
    "Ross Powers!" a voice boomed making Levi jump.
    Ross looked at the speaker in the iddle of the ceiling. "Well, see ya Hayes." Ross took hold of two yellow metal bars and waited until the third Ding! and he was gone. Levi looked down, was he making friends, enemies, or people who might be able to help him? He was hoping the first and third one. If it was the second, then wouldn't Ross be mean and tell him things that wouldn't help but make it worse? Levi was so lost in his thoughts he didn't realize another guy had come up to him.
    "Dude? Are you dead?" the guy said waving a hand in front of Levi's face.
    Levi blinked and shook his head. "Tired."
    The man studied him like he wasn't sure if he should keep talking or just walk away. "My name's Danny. Danny Kass. You can just guess what nickname I had as a kid like you."
    Levi had a pretty good idea. Danny had brown hair that went to his shoulders and hazel eyes. He looked a little younger than Powers. "Name's Levi Hayes."
    "Well good luck kid. You're gonna need it." Danny said with a straight face.
    "Danny!" a guy called behind them. Danny turned and grinned. "Jarret!" Jarret's face was hidden under his black helmet and goggles.
    Danny turned back to Levi. "That's Jarret Thomas."
    "Who's this?" Jarret asked and nodded in Levi's direction.
    "This is L-," Danny started.
    "Levi Hayes." Levi butted in. He hated when people wouldn't let him introduce himself. It just felt, awkward.
    "Levi Hayes!" boomed the voice. Levi threw on his goggles and hopped (he already hooked up his snowboard to his boots.) over the the two metal bars. His gripped them and waited for three dings.
    Levi shot off. Feeling the cold wind blow passed him felt normal. He did his tricks and tried to add a few new ones he learned by watching TV.

    Chapter 9
    Levi's friends and family attacked him when he walked out. Levi felt like he did good but only the judges could confirm it. There had been four judges which means a score out of forty. A rush of enegry over came him as he went down the half pipe and did his tricks he felt he mastered.
    "How do you think you did?" Mom asked tears forming in her eyes. Levi swallowed hard, it didn't matter if they were good or bad tears, Levi hated seeing them come from his mom.
    "I feel on top of the world!" Levi exclaimed.
    Someone laughed behind him. "Don't get your hopes up, kid."
    Levi turned. It was Ross Powers.
    "Who are you?" Logan asked.
    Ross answered. "Ross Powers."
    "Well Ross, could you give Levi any advice?" Mom asked nicely. Mom really? Now? Levi thought, sure he loved his mom but that didn't mean he wanted her saying something so sweetly and innocent to a guy that could possibly kick he butt whenever he felt like it.
    "Already did." Ross said just as nicely.
    "Powers! Let's go!" a man yelled. He was tall and looked really strong. Possibly Powers's trainer.
    Ross turned. "On it!" Then took off without a second glance.
    Shane laughed. "Anyone else we got to meet? I like the figure skaters would be nice."
    Just then, a group of guy figure skaters walked passed already in their leotards. Also known as tights. Logan and Shaun tried not to laugh as Jack said, "You could go meet them." Shane frowned and walked away.

    Later that day while the boys were eating pizza and watching TV, Levi' cell rang. Knight's name lit up the screen and on the third ring he answered.
    "Ah, Levi! That went wonderful! I was watching on the sidelines in case you didn't see. I heard from the grapevine that if you use earplugs it could help with the noise and keep you focused. Also, your score. I think it's very well considering it's your first year. A twenty-nine out of fourty."
    Levi's breath froze. He had no idea if he would make it through, hopefully he did. Even if it was last at least he made it. "I-is that good, sir?"
    Knight made a nervous chuckle. "Sorry, Hayes. I have no idea, they said they would call in the morning to tell you if you made the cut."
    Levi swallowed and felt the room around him spin. He gripped the counter for support, digging his fingernails into the wood. Shaun stood and put his hands on Levi's shoulders. Logan slowly stood from the couch and walked over to the boys. Colorful circles began to dance around in Levi's vision. Levi was hit hard with a wave of nausea. Levi sat on the floor and put his head between his knees.
    "Give me the phone, dude." Shaun said and held out his hand. Levi did as he was told and everything started going dark.
    "What is going on?" Mr. Knight barked making Shaun wince.
    "Um.. Levi is so shocked he might pass out. Nothing to worry about... Sir." Shaun sputtered nervously.
    "Well good luck, boys." Mr. Knight said then hung up. Levi rose his head, still feeling a little dizzy.
    Logan grabbed Levi's hand and pulled him to his feet slowly. "You good?"
    Levi nodded. "That was crazy."
    "Dude you like, passed out!" Jack shouted.
    Shane nodded. "Totally."
    The guys laughed and continued watching television. Life was crazy that way, right?

    The next morning, Levi woke up to Jack in the kitchen singing Remembering Sunday by All Time Low. It would have been better if he just stuck to Alex's part, but once it came to Juliet Simms part, he sang squeaky and totally off key.
    "Dude." Levi laughed.
    "I think I should be the next American Idol." Jack said laughing.
    Levi shook his head. "Sorry dude, but you wouldn't have my vote."
    Shane walked into the hotel room groaning. "I think I heard a duck dying."
    "No duck dying, just Jack singing." Levi answered.
    "Even worse!" Shane exclaimed.
    Jack muttered something under his breath then continued to make pancakes. As everyone took their turn walking in and making a comment on Jack's singing, Levi was getting more nervous by the second. He was going to find out if he actually made it. Knight said he was sure Levi made the cut, but for some reason he wasn't so sure.

    Chapter 10
    A few hours later, Levi found himself on his way to meet Knight and his trainer. He was in his gear with the heat in the bus full blast. He never thought he could sweat through all of his snowboarding gear.
    "Finally. Here he is." Mr. Knight said after half a very sweating hour later.
    "Sorry I'm late, sir." Levi said quickly.
    The trainer laughed. "Looks like he learns quickly."
    Knight nodded happily. "Why yes, he does. Why are you so sweaty?"
    "Long story." Levi answered.
    "I'm Ben Cameron." Ben said and stuck out his hand. Levi shook it.
    "Ever been to Park City Mountain Resort before, Levi?" Mr. Knight asked trying to make conversation, but Levi just shook his head in response.
    "I'll be in the lodge, where it's warm, if you need me." Mr. Knight said before waddling off leaving Ben and Levi alone. Suddenly Ben clapped his hands together once to get Levi's attention. Levi jumped and looked at Ben giving him his undivided attention.
    "I hear youre good with a board. Is that right?" Ben asked.
    "Yeah. A snowboard to be exact." Levi answered quickly. He wondered why Ben was asking all these questions. Could he possibly think Levi was lying. If he was, Levi would have to be a very good liar to sneak passed the judges, they never even said "Good job!" or "Good luck!" just a "Yes, you made the cut." in complete monotone. Hopefully they were just having a bad day and didn't always act like that, because if they did, this will be a long tournament.
    "So you must know all the basiscs, right?" Ben asked by the look on his face, it wasn't for the first time.
    "How about I hit the half-pipe and I'll show you what I know?" Levi suggested hoping this would put an end to Ben's questions. Ben agreed and they made their way over to a small unoccupied half pipe.
    As Levi trained only one thing way on his mind. If he was normal thing that might be on his mind if he ticks the landing, gets enough air, or how many 360's he could do before he face planted. Since Levi wasn't normal the only thing that was on his mind was that he was doing this for Megan, nothing else mattered.

    Two freezing hours later Ben talked to Levi about trying to get more and get ready to land just a tiny bit sooner then he is right now. Everything that Ben said about snowboarding Levi soaked in like a sponge and water.
    "I knew he would be amazing!" Mr. Knight shouted making Levi's already red cheeks get redder, if it was possible.
    A waitress walked over to their table. She was wearing hot pink snowboard pants and a white hoodie with a lighter pink shirt underneath. Her hair was auburn was put into a neat pony tail. Her white Puma sneakers looked brand new and perfect. "Can I gent you boys anything?"
    "Do you work here?" Ben asked then flashed a flirtatious smile. Without his gear on, he looked like he was in his erly twenties,a just like their waitress.
    "You know I do, Ben!" the waitress laughed. Her voice was soft and he laugh was like a song that everyone gets stick in their head.
    "I'm just messing with you, Ariana. I'll take hot chocolate." Ben said then folded his hands on the table. Ariana nodded and wrote it down on her notepad. She glanced at Levi and Mr. Knight who nodded in agreement with Ben. She smiled once more then sauntered off.
    "I see him!" a voice yelled over the chatter in the lodge.
    "Dude! Quite!" another voice yelled. Levi knew those voices anywhere. Logan and Shaun were here. They came running to their table running into a few waiters and waitresses along the way.
    "This place is way to high tech." Shaun complained.
    Logan nodded. "Even more high tech then the toilets in the hotel room!"
    Levi looked down. Never in his life has he ever been imbaresed by his friends, and that was saying something.
    After a while of silence, Levi's dared himself to look over at Ben who was trying hard not to grin. Levi felt relieved. He now knew that Ben wouldn't hold this over him and think he was a lot more stupid than Levi himself had appeared.
    "Excuse me." a tiny voice said behind Logan and Shaun. They slid into the booth with Levi plastering him to the wall.
    "Sorry about th-" Logan started to say.
    Ariana smiled and handed Mr. Knight, Levi, and Ben their hot chocolate then walked away without saying anything.
    "Dude how did you freeze like that?" Shaun asked once Ariana was out of earshot.
    Logan swallowed. "That's Roman Valdes's cousin."
    "Very nice family." Ben said.
    The boys said nothing epically with Mr. Knight around.

    After training it was already tree thirty. Most of Levi's day was sucked away from him. Now that he knew Roman had family ties everywhere in the United States, he had to watch what he said, or did. On the way to to the hotel, the Roman Flashback came.
    He was sitting in his desk in fourth grade smiling at his 100% math paper. Since everyone said that Mrs. Day was a very tough math teacher, Levi felt extra proud.
    Someone tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to face the person who did it. Roman Valdez stood there grinning evilly.
    "Finally you got a A+, maybe now Mrs. Day will give us some harder stuff for you. She even said she hoped you would start to learn this stuff. I told her I might help you if you couldn't learn." Roman said cooly.
    Levi clenched his fists. "That's not true!"
    Roman rolled his eyes then walked away pushing Logan as he went. Logan landed in the trash can.
    Levi forced himself to come back to the present. Smart, rich, and know-it-all Roman was too much for more then four seconds real or flashback.

    "Come on guys. You aren't even guessing anymore." Shane complained. They sat around playing sharades for a hour so far and it get boring.
    "Why don't we play something cooler and funner." Shaun suggested.
    "Yeah Shane, even I'm bored." Abby said then smiled.
    Jamie sighed. "Sorry, Shane."
    Jack cheered from the kitchen. "Finally you're done playing that game!"
    Suddenly, Logan pushed the door open and stomped into the living room. He sat on the couch and glanced around the room then laid down.
    "What's wrong?" Megan asked Logan with a smile.
    "Wearent allowed to be in the arcade after two." Logan grumbled them realized who he was talking to and shook his head. "Nothing is wrong."

    Chapter 11
    Ben put his hands on his hips and said the same thing he said to Levi for the past five minutes: "More air Levi! Focus!"
    Levi closed his eyes for a moment. Focus! he told himself. Ben had been hammering Levi to get more air for the past half hour. Levi had been able to take a ten minute break once and only once. His les weird tired, his face was cold, and his brain hurt from thinking so hard. He wished Ben would ease up, just a little bit. There were enough days to practice that Ben didn't need to be this hard on Levi. Mr. Knight had only checked in on the once and when he asked how it was going Levi was going to tell him that Ben was being a little to hard, but ben must have known he was going to say that and shot him a warning glance making Levi keep his mouth shut.
    Finally, after another half hour of Ben telling Levi to speed up, clean up som of his tricks, and get more air, Ben told him to take a break.
    "I bet you're wonering why I made you work so hard." Ben said.
    "Yeah. It was really hard today." Levi answered truthfully. He was scared that wasn't the right thing to say, but it was too late now.
    Ben sat down next to Levi. "It's because the men you are against are older, smarter, and stronger then you, yourself, are. You need to be pushed over your limit to get better. Good enough to win, even by just a little bit, is better then nothing."
    Levi nodded. He didn't know how much older all the other guys were, but he had a feeling he was the youngest. If he worked harder, he would get more muscle making him stronger and his limit farther away. If he tried to gain more air every day, the more tricks he will be able to cleanly pull of, making his score higher. Hopefully, this was going to be as easy as it sounded. Levi had a feeling, that wasn't going to be the case this time. "I understand."
    "Good." Ben said standing up. "Sadly, now that you've been sitting for a while your muscles will be stiff. Am I right?"
    Levi stood up, slowly. "Yep, stiff."
    "Well I guess practice is over for today then." Ben said then patted Levi on the back. "Good job, kid."
    Levi's insides warmed up, just like they did whenever someone told him he did a good job.

    An hour later, Levi was lying down on the couch in the hotel listening to Good Life by Forever the Sickest Kids. Levi could easily find himself singing this song.
    "Um, Levi.. What are you doing?" Abby asked walking into the room.
    "Applying ice to my thighs. They are really sore." Levi explained.
    Abby looked away and walked of of the hotel room. Logan almost collided with her on her way out the door. Can someone say Karma? Logan walked into the room followed by Jack, Shane, Shaun, and Megan.
    "What could you guys possibly be doing with my little sister?" Levi laughed.
    "Actually, she was looking for Abby and Jamie." Shane answered plopping down on the couch next to Levi's.
    "Thanks, Megan!" Levi joking yelled before she walked out the door following Abby. "What have they been doing anyways?"
    "I don't know." Jack replied looking at the door like the answer would be written on there.
    Shane nodded. "They've been sneaking aruond a lot lately. It's not like its anything bad since they have Megan with them though."
    "Yeah, dude." Shaun agreed.
    Levi laughed. "I wasn't worried."
    "Hey where's Mom?" Shane asked looking at Jack.
    "They've all been shopping like crazy since we got here." Logan answered. "Girls."
    The boys laughed. This felt like the first normal day Levi has had since he got to Salt Lake City, he felt like he was home.

    Chpater 12
    After weeks and weeks of hard practice, it was finally time. Not time for competition, but time for the lighting of the torch, something Levi has always wanted to see in person, and now he can. It was February 8th and Levi had a very good feeling about today. This is what he had always wanted and he wasn't about to let someone take it away from him. Not for anything in the whole world.
    "Levi?" Mom's head popped through the door. She looked calm and collected, unlike Levi himself.
    "Come in." Levi answered then sat on the end of the bed. He shared this room with Logan and, when he snuck over, Shaun.
    Mom sat down next to him and started rubbing his back. "Nervous?" Levi nodded. He hadn't been more nervous in his life. "Don't worry, Levi. You will do great."
    "Julie? Are you in here?" a voice called. Levi guessed it was Terri.
    Mom kissed Levi's forehead quickly. "I'm coming, Terri." Levi checked in the mirror to make sure there was no lipstick on his forehead. No lipstick, check! All good to go.

    "Where do we go?!" Jack said freaking out.
    Knight and Ben spotted them when they got off their bus. Now Jack had no idea where he was suppose to go or who to see and it was making him freak. Ben tried to tell him since he wasn't competing he would sit in the stands with the rest of his family. Including Logan's and Levi's. Levi got to stand carefully on the ice since he was competing. Ben and Knight were going to sit by Julie since they were watching over Levi.
    "Calm down Jack!" Terri ordered and Jack dumped out Shane's bag of chips and started breathing in and out.
    "Dude those were my chips..." Shane said looking down sadly at the Doritos that were now laid upon the ground.

    After getting Jack to calm down they all took their places. Levi felt like he had tons of butterflies in his stomach. Maybe he would burp and a few out come out.
    "Hayes, right?" a voice asked next to him.
    "Yeah. Who are you?" Levi asked.
    "Powers. Ross. We met before, kid." Powers explained.
    "Oh, right." Levi answered back sheepishly.
    Someone nudged Levi on his left and he looked over. It looked like Danny Kass. Levi nudged him back.
    Kass smiled. "Nice to see you again, Hayes."
    "Too bad we're going to be enemies once this thing starts." Levi answered back with a grin.
    "Nah. We don't have to hate each other. Just, let the best man win. All friendly competition here. Unless you gettin' money." Kass answered back slyly.
    "My sister has cancer. I have a sponsor. Sorry." Levi answered calmly.
    "Yeah, leave him alone Danny. Levi is going through some tough stuff." a voice said next to Kass. Levi knew who it was. Jarret Thomas.
    "Thanks, Jarret." Levi answered. Everyone hushed and President George W. Bush took center stage for the opening ceremony. He gave his speech, which was very long. Once it finally ended, the American ice hockey team that won the gold medal in 1980 walked onto the ice to light the Olympic Torch. It was very breath taking, Levi imagined his mother's eyes tearing up by how beautiful the Torch lighting was. Light the fire within. Next, Jim Shea took center stage and gave the Olympic oath. Last, but not least, Allen Church said the Judge's, or Officials' oath.
    Since the event, qualification and final, were on February 11th, Levi had about two days to train. He hoped Ben would be on his top game.

    "Did you see that?!" Shane exclaimed as they were walking out. He had started talking about it since it ended. Levi swore he heard Shane yell "Awesome!" over the crowd once it was over.
    "Who's idea was it to give you candy?" Jack muttered.
    Shane ignored him and continued. "That Torch thing was awesome! I'm so gonna join hockey and win a gold medal so I can do that!"
    "You need to be good enough first, dude." Levi said. He felt bad for popping his bubble, but Levi just had to be the needle today.
    Shane paused. "Aren't I already good?"
    Everyone ignore him this time. Ben came running up to them, his lime green jacket waving crazily behind him. "Ready?"
    Levi looked around. "For what?"
    "Dinner of course. You need to eat up, kid. Did you actually think that you could win looking so skinny?" Ben asked the. flashed a smile that made Levi's mother blush even though he wasn't looking at her.
    "Everyone else is coming right?" Levi asked looking at Megan's confused face.
    Ben nodded then wrapped his arms around Levi's mom's and Terri's, who pushed his away quickly, shoulders. Mom looked down and but her lip. Levi hopped this crush of hers wouldn't last long.

    After dinner, Levi flopped down on his bed in the hotel room and Logan jumped unto the other one. The boys sat in silence for a while, then Logan broke it. "Do you think you even have a chance of winning?"
    Levi swallowed. "No, but I know I can get some money for Megan. I hate how much attention I'm getting though." Levi had always been like that. He hated the attention while Shaun ate it up and Logan never minded it.
    Logan got into his sweat pants and climbed into his bed slowly. "Well if you win... who knows where you'll end up."
    Levi looked at Logan's face. It looked tired and confused. Probably just what Levi's looked like. "Nothing will happen dude. You, Shaun, and me will still be tight. Megan will be the one changing."
    Logan closed his eyes and fell asleep. Levi copied.

    Chapter 13

    Today was February 10th. Tomorrow would be the big day. Today was women's half-pipe and men's downhill snowboarding. Levi could feel the tension in the air as he walked to go train. Ben had texted him countless times telling Levi to hurry up. It was noon, which was the time training started. Ben began texting him at ten. Thankfully, Levi wasn't the last guy there to begin training, in fact it was pretty empty.
    "Levi!" Benn shouted and Levi hurried over to him. "Look over there" -he was pointing to someone in a dark blue snowboard jacket and snow pants- "that's Danny Kass. You need to step up your A game, kid." Levi nodded and jumped up and down and shook his arms like he was warming up to work-out.
    (finish later....)
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    I love, love the names you chose. :]
    This is great so far :]

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    Thanks, I think I'll post a new chapter in this every day (or try to).
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    That's so awesome. Such a good... um book. Is that what it would be called? It don't matter! Awesome story!

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