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Aphrodite and the Wood Storks is about the Greek goddess of love on an originally shopping adventure. She soon finds out about the extinction of the wood storks and tries to save them! Along the way, Aphrodite finds a friend.....and an enemy.

Chapter 1:
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“Alright, remember, it’s not the same down there as it is up here. People don’t believe in you. I think you should bring my lightning bolt with you just in case.”
There were two people in a room made of marble. One was a young woman, probably in her teens. She had thick, waist-length, blonde, wavy hair, sparkling blue eyes, and light skin. She was leaning against a silver chariot with red, rope-like twists and curls on it. The other was a tall and powerful man, with short brown hair, deep green eyes and a dark tan. They both stood in a room with twelve large thrones. The whole room was as large as 20 football fields and made completely with pure white marble.
“Sure daddy! Just one more thing, can I borrow your credit card too?” An awkward silence followed, and the girl shifted uncomfortably and looked longingly at her chariot.
“Ok, ok. I suppose I have no need of it.”
“Oh! ,” exclaimed Aphrodite,” Thank you!” She leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek.
Suddenly, there was a large creak, and they both looked around. A great white door had opened and all the other ten gods came thundering in. Zeus hugged her and jogged over to join the meeting. When he turned around, all that was left was a puff of dust from Aphrodite’s chariot.

Chapter 2:
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Aphrodite never had gotten out of Olympia before, so flying in her chariot over the modern world was new. Leaning down, she blew some dust off of the rim of the chariot, which was dirty from disuse. It was a beautiful day. She flew a little lower and noticed a garden below her. It had a magnificent fountain in the center of it, with a statue of a giant dove on it. Flowers of all types, colors, and sizes grew. A small girl was out in a tulip bed, slowly humming and planting flowers in a neat, colored order. The goddess adored them, she loved beautiful things. Still, Aphrodite ducked her head and hoped to get by without being noticed. Once she was on the other side of the fountain she stopped in mid-air.
“That’s exquisite,” she thought, “look at my reflection!” Her Pegasus neighed softly. The little girl froze and turned around quickly. Aphrodite flew off, but she was sure the little girl had seen her.
Her dad, Zeus, knew how much this meant to her to go even though he didn’t like her to be without him. Aphrodite was a bit of an amateur at driving a chariot so sometimes she would swerve off course or swoop down suddenly. She got more and more impatient; it seemed her destination wasn’t getting any nearer. A small dove, her animal, perched on her shoulder and started chirping a slow tune and Aphrodite sung along with it. It was a good omen, a very good omen, to have her favorite animal along the way on the trip.
Her Pegasus was getting tired, so they took a break and to let him eat some grass in a barren field. They took off again picking up speed quickly. It couldn’t be much longer, she thought. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a town, which got larger and larger as she got closer. Aphrodite turned over to an alley, took a bumpy landing, and then hopped of her chariot. She held herself against the wall and peeked out to see if anyone was coming. Nobody was so

Aphrodite looked around the town until she saw a street that was her perfect dream. It had stylish stores everywhere. She saw a street sign that said ‘Kings St.’ The first store she went in was called “Perfect Perfumes” It was all cheap perfumes that smelled horrid. So, Aphrodite headed out to another store called “Diva Designs” It was all perfect for Aphrodite because she loved to have trendy new clothes. A saleslady had spotted her outside and was waiting at the entrance for her, like a hawk.
“Hi, welcome to Diva Designs, how may I help you?”
Aphrodite said haughtily, “I would like something with wood stork feathers, please, I am a big fan of feathered clothing. I love the way they ruffle and blow around when I walk” The lady swept over to a cashier and whispered something. She came back over to Aphrodite.
“I am so, so, sorry,” The saleslady said, “Wood storks are an endangered animal, we cannot sell items using their feathers anymore, it’s illegal.”
Aphrodite was moping about her fail at finding clothes when she saw a truck with a big logo saying, “Titan Destruction Company”. Aphrodite had never trusted titans. They always wanted the bigger part in the myths. Titans would start a revolt if they weren’t more popular soon, and Aphrodite was afraid this was it. She wasn’t quite sure it was but she was going to find out.

Chapter 3:
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There was a short man by the truck. A woman pushed past Aphrodite and marched over to him. “Excuse me sir,” The woman said in a thick country accent, “My name is Amanda Westlake and I have a complaint about you doing construct-“.

“Pardon me lady,” the man interrupted, “This land we here have bought is not for construction, it’s for destruction. There is a difference you know.”

The woman stood with her head tilted slightly to the right. Both of them stared. Finally, the woman started ranting again. “As I was saying, this land is the home of wood stor-.”

Aphrodite interrupted, “Wood storks are endangered you know.”

“Well here we have another wood stork lover, what do you know, they were bound to pop up here in Charleston.”

The female asked,”Do you want to join my club to save them?” Aphrodite nodded. Here is a brochure, a two-hour “S.W.S” (Save the Wood Storks) video, a t-shirt, and some flyers for around the city, oh, and my website is!” She turned to the man. “Now, what was your name?”

“I am Andrew Patcher.”

“Andrew, eh,” she said slowly, “I had a son named Andrew.”

“Oh Mrs. Westlake You are just wasting away your life on these, these, birds!”

“Excuse me,” Amanda asked Aphrodite,” What did you say your name was again?”

“My name is Aphr- um, never mind. I must go do some more research” When she left they immediately started bickering.

“Save the birds, Andrew.”

“No thanks, Amanda.”

“I’m warning you!”

“Well, thanks for the warning, but my team will go ahead and destroy this land”

“Andrew!!!!!! I have never met such a self-absorbed person as you.”

“Well self-absorbed I may be. I have this job and I will keep it!”

“End it!”

“Alright, then, see you around”

“I would hope not”

Aphrodite headed out to a local café called “Brianna’s Eatery” and sat down in a booth. There was a computer nearby with free Wi-Fi. She looked up Webkinz Insider - Webkinz Cheats, Recipes, Free Codes and found a paragraph called “Info” It said:

Don’t kill the poor birds, join my company, and we can save them. SWS is a way for us to help wood storks survive. Group meetings will be over the weekends from 3:00-6:00. Food and refreshments will be there. For the three hours we have at my house, we will discuss ways to help them and other animals in need. If you would like to join call 843-584-3397 and for more information search for them or look at other articles on my website. Thanks!

Amanda Westlake
Aphrodite scanned the website until suddenly it closed up and said “ is closed due to updates and new paragraph”. She shut the computer down and left. As she wandered around and thought more and more, she came back to the destruction site where she had met Mr. Patcher and Mrs. Westlake. It did make her sad to see it destroyed, but, she came here for shopping and fun. She thought and thought until it was finally night-time and Aphrodite was awfully tired. She dragged herself over to a fancy hotel and checked in. She rode the elevator up to her suite and flopped onto the bed.


Chapter 4:
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The next morning she hopped up, feeling refreshed. Her mind was made up; she would help the wood storks. She picked up the flyers from Amanda and started putting them up around town. It was a Saturday, a meeting day, so she got ready for it and headed on over. Aphrodite found herself distracted by a stylish sweater in a store. Finally, she just shook her head and went along on her way. The goddess walked in the house and sat down, as it was the middle of the meeting. Nobody noticed her so she just sat back and listened. Amanda was talking to newer people. She was saying “And so, this is why you need to join my group or start your own whatever I don’t care what but we need to save them.” She made a gesture over to Aphrodite, apparently she had noticed her. Aphrodite slowly came up and a few people whispered over to her “She wants you to say a speech” So she did.
“Um, hi, I am…Aphrodite. It’s sort of an odd name isn’t it? Well, I just recently joined and I am enjoying my stay in Charleston a lot and Amanda introduced me to this so I just thought, why not! She and I met a man named Andrew Patcher who, well, is terrible! He is destroying the wood storks home! He might sabotage us and our plans but I think we will be OK.”
A few other newer people came up and gave a little speech. Then everyone headed to the kitchen and grabbed a few snacks. Aphrodite chatted with a few people. She was about to head out when someone else stepped up and made a short conclusion to the meeting. “Thank you for coming everyone, you may not remember me, but I am Amanda’s sister. My name is Jane Westlake and I just wanted to thank everyone for coming! Time sure flies doesn’t it, the meeting is already over!” Everyone was taking their time to get up and leave. Aphrodite pushed her way out. She occasionally regretted joining this group, because she was sidetracked from her original plan of shopping, parties, and fun. She speeded off to the destruction place again and stalked over to a big crane. Suddenly, she remembered she had Zeus’s lightning bolt! She pulled it out and it stood at least fifteen feet above her! She changed to her goddess form and looked at it closely. It glowed a vivid gold and was sparking with electricity all over. Aphrodite held it like a sword and stabbed down on the crane with it. The crane started to smoke. She coughed a bit and waved the smoke away. Tilting her head a bit, she slowly thought of a great plan. She could make people fall in love! Amanda and Andrew could probably be brought together and possibly stop the construction. Pulling out her phone she dialed Amanda’s phone number and started yelling into the phone begging her to come. She said yes in an instant. Andrew, Aphrodite thought, would be very hard to get here. The nearest restaurant was filled with people. She decided to try there. So she walked in and slid her way through open spaces in between people. Finally she found a small group of workers. Aphrodite walked up and said, “Excuse me Mr. Andrew do you think you could come back to the destruction site? I need you to do something for me. There is an emergency!” and he got up in a hurry. They rushed over to the site and found Amanda sitting there with a small wood stork. She was stroking it calmly, but when Andrew got near she put it behind her and protected it. They started quarreling while Aphrodite started to use her spell. A small pink heart fluttered out of her fingers and more and more. Andrew and Kate suddenly were hugging. They skipped over to a park bench and sat together smiling. The wood stork came over to her. Then she knew she had done the right thing.