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    Default Adventures of Ryan Gwenevere!

    Chapter 1

    As usual my life being a slave blood elf soon to be a king in 3 years. Sorry i forgot, I'm Ryan Gwenevere. Related to Mark and Sophia Gwenevere(my parents) Edwin,Dave,Gabe, and Louis Gwenevere(my siblings). Soon to take my fathers place. I'm only 13 in 3 years that's still young. Let's move on now. Shall we?

    "Ryan! Get down here and wash these floors... Before you are king you mustbe a my slave..." Sophia hollered.

    Edwin came down stairs with his white hair flying back. Gabe ran around playing with little wooden dolls. 3 people in my family had white hair 3 didn't. Gabe had short hair to his shoulders that were brown. My hair was short to my neck and went off to the side. The rest had long white hair other then my father. My Father,Gabe, and Louis were real kind to me. I was the oldest so that explains why i'm the next in line as king.

    "Coming..." I muttered. Dad stopped in front of me and said, "Do not go down there... Understand... Let Louis do it..."

    I shook my head and ran under my dad. I ran to the bath room and pulled some jeans on and a white button up rolled sleeved shirt. I walked down and saw my get in the limo and drove off to the new castle we soon would live in.

    As I got outside and looked around my pointy ears poked up. You know we have pointy ears to hear well. So i followed the sound and looked around. I followed the trail and saw a watery river that never ends in my eyes. So I rolled up my pants and took my coat off. I threw my coat and shoes across the river. I walked across the fast flowing, running, and rocky water. I then looked around and saw a giant troll coming behind me. I ran across the river and grabbed my coat and shoes. I climbed a tree and hid on top of a thick high up branch.

    (Chapter 2 will come out of his dangerous fight.......)

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    Default Re: Adventures of Ryan Gwenevere!

    That is a terrible twist for blood elves.
    They don't have techonology.
    Only magic.
    They're addicted to magic.

    Oh well.
    It's your story.
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