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    Default The Adventures of Macy and Marlee--Started 3/26/08

    Hello, and welcome to my thread!
    I have been told by my teacher's I am a talented writer, and should become an author when I get older. They also said to share my talents with everyone. Of course, I thought, "Whatever, I'm not good at writing, I'm not going to share it with everyone." Well, I am bored. So, what better way to share my "talents" then post one of my stories on a website! This is Chapter 1 of The Adventures of Macy and Marlee. By the way, the story is told by Macy. Marlee and Macy are 15.
    Chapter One.
    The rain pelted the ground as Marlee and I ran for dear life. Our book bag high over our heads, our feet slamming against the soggy grass. We entered the Coffee Shop soaking wet, our shoes squeaking like guinea pigs. Everyone put their coffee or hot chocolate down, and turned to stare. Marlee and I crept to the cashier, trying not to meet anyone's eyes. We held our breath, water dripping off of our hair. "Um, we would like 2 medium hot chocolates with whip cream." Marlee grunted. The cashier stared. "May I ask you to stand under the awning outside, while you wait? You are drenching our floors, and guess who has to mop them now?! ME!" The grumpy cashier snapped. Marlee and I rushed outside under the awning. We sat down on the bench and watched the passing cars rush through the giant puddles. Marlee sighed. "Why us? Why do we always get in trouble? Why do we always get into these things?" Marlee said, shivering. I shrugged. "I dunno." I said softly, trying to keep warm by rubbing my hands together. "The worst part is..We have to walk back to your house in the rain." Marlee said, rolling her eyes. I was just about to say it wouldn't be all that bad, considering we were already drenched, but the cashier came outside. "Here's your cocoa." He shoved them into our hands. "Don't ever think about coming into our coffee shop SOAKED again!" He said pointing at us. He threw open the door, the bell clanging. I glanced at Marlee, she was about to explode with laughter. "Come on, let's get going." I said taking a sip of cocoa, and starting off to my house.
    Welll...What did you think of chapter 1? I just thought of it off the top of my head. Please leave NICE comments only, and tomorrow I will right Chapter 2!
    Chapter Two.
    I motioned for Marlee to stand still. I creaked open the front door and glanced around. No sight of Michael or Mom. I ushered Marlee to tip-toe to my room, and she followed. We got to my room and un-dressed. I handed her some of my clothes. "Wear these until you go home." I whispered. "Why are you whispering?" She whispered back. I shrugged. When we got dressed I looked at Marlee. "Time for Operation A. Hairdryer." I darted out of my room, expecting her to follow me. I turned on the hairdryer and blowed my hair until it was dry and poofy. I styled it and put Mascara on, while Marlee dryed. When we were done we walked downstairs. Michael, my 17 year old brother, was eating some of the pie for desert. "Mike!" I shouted, my hands on my hips. "Ello?! Mom specifically said, that was for desert!" I said, snatching it away and putting it in the fridge. "What the heck, you are 2 years older and you act like your 5!" I snarled. Michael shrugged. "Heh, I'll just say you ate it, Mom believes everything I say." I rolled my eyes. Marlee glanced at me. "Wanna stay for dinner?" I asked, catching her drift. "Sure." She answered, happily. Just as I was about to ask her if she wanted to go play with Ruffles, my dog, Mom bolted through the kitchen door. She through the grocery bags on the counter and took a deep breath. "Macy, Michael, Marlee, come help me get these groceries out of the car." Mom said bolting out the door, once more. "What's up with her..?" I said to Michael. Michael shrugged and moseyed out the door. Marlee and I followed trying to get past Michael. "Hello? Don't have all day, kids!" Mom shouted from the car. "She is not herself today..." I observed. Marlee and Michael nodded in agreement.
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    Default Re: The Adventures of Macy and Marlee--Chapter 1. 3/26/08

    WOW! I love it!

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    Default Re: The Adventures of Macy and Marlee--Chapter 1. 3/26/08

    Yes. I agree with your teachers! You are very talented!

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