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    Default The Adventures -OF- Devon Cleverscribe

    Our adventurer, Devon Cleverscribe, wakes up on a sunny morning in Merry Vale. The sun is shining and the pixies are frollicking in peace. Devon Cleverscribe yawns as he trods wearily to change into his adventurer outfit. As he walks down to the eater for breakfast, he doens'nt have a clue about the events yet to come.

    Taking story biographies.

    Race(Good: Pixie, Human, Dwarf)(Bad :Fairy, Robgoblin, Troll)
    Short Biography(OPTIONAL):

    Chapter One, Soon!
    <font color=#0066cc></font>

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    Default Re: The Adventures -OF- Devon Cleverscribe

    lol thats good
    Im back! :3

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