Alright hello everyone and thanks for reading! I'm obviously Tommy0327, and I'm here to put one of my stories up for adoption. An adopted story, is where someone is given a story that the original writer no longer wishes to work on, but it still needs the plot continued, or the writer wants the plot continued. Another rule of story adoption, more specifically online adoption, you can't go back and re edit the original story already there without the authors permission. So with all that cleared up, I'd like to give away my RIFR series. I seem to have lost my interest, but I'm sure many of you like the topic. If you'd like more info. PM, or VM me! Thanks RIFR team! It was a great time with all of you, even the ones of you no longer on the team. Jal12, Katlyn Oakdream, EpicJewelspotter, Conscience8807! (EpicJewelspotter and Conscience8807 are the last two remaining members it's up to them if they stay on the team.) Also I will review anything you post before you do, and will complete the second RIFR guide. Anything else is up to you. but will require my permission.