Okay,just got unbelievably bored.This would be the first chapter to 2011? if I were to finish it.Yet I don't plan to post more than the second chapter,which I'll post soon if I do at all.Yet that could change and I'll write more.

"Fine,I'll be back later,Brad.Don't worry,I have my cell phone.I'm taking A walk up the road."I yelled back to my step father."Sure Laura." he replied, and again he sounded like he didn't care.I slammed the door on my way out the house and zipped up my blue and black striped jacket and threw my hood over my head.I pulled my iPod out of my pants pocket and turned the volume up all the way and stuck it in my jacket pocket so I could hear the echo of the music from my head phones while taking A walk, but not by flattened like A pancake by A passing car I didn't hear over my screaming headphones.
I stopped at the end of the drive feeling the cold early January evening air blow on my face and let it find it's way inside my hood to whip around my blonde hair.I didn't want to think about the exact reasons I was taking this walk, which was what I always done when I was unbelievably angered,stressed,or grounded from what had become an addiction for me,my laptop.
I sprinted across the road,because I knew this was Somerset,Kentucky.The chance any car was coming the next five minutes was low.The weather was eerie.It was supposed to snow later,and the sky was A gray light blue with many dark gray clouds drifting around.It brought to mind the strange events that were all over the news.And with those events brought many,many question.Mainly,How?