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    Default Useful Keys please help!

    Please help. Ive been trying to complete the useful keys collection but I have been able to find only the jail key. can someone please help? I need for people to trade me all their useful keys so i can complete the collection. starting tomorrow at 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm i will be at the pet park in blackspore so people can trade me their useful keys. ill give an item or 10 coins for each one i get. look for snaketail with the guild Need All Useful Keys in fron of the blackspore pet park. I would really aprreciate everyone's help.

    by the way this will go on every day until i get all the keys. i will keep you all updated on which ones i still need

    oh i forgot to say i will be on server 1 EVERY DAY
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    Default Re: Useful Keys please help!

    I have:
    Jail Cell Key
    Makeup Box Key
    School Locker Key
    Safety Lock Key

    You can buy for 1k each.
    Aaron Esko <Insiders>

    (^^Marley! But don't forget Bubba, Buddy, Duke, Jasper, and my other 47 pets!)

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