Hi there!

Now that we have 6 new collections, I would like to offer my lists again for anyone that wants a copy. All of the lists are in MS Word. There are 3 versions:

  1. Listed by Category -- each set is listed alphabetically under it's category from the in-game Collection Book
  2. Listed Alphabetically -- each set is just listed alphabetically
  3. Listed by Element -- no sets in this one, just each of the individual elements listed alphabetically

In versions 1 and 2, the set elements are listed alphabetically under each set name.

Just PM me with your email address and which version you want, and I'll be glad to send it along.

Oh, by the way ... if you have gotten a list from me in the past, I've already sent the 6 updated sets to your email address. You'll just have to add them to the original list. Or you can request another complete list ... up to you.