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    Icon1 Trading/Buying Collections


    I am currently working on finishing all collections Free Realms has to offer. I will be updating this list daily.

    I will buy any collection item I am MISSING for 100c and sell for 50c. I will also trade.

    I am posting these by type of collections. If there is no number next to the item, I have non available.

    Thank you for your time.

    Archaic Collections

    Ancient Arrowhead Artifacts
    Sharp Ancient Arrowhead 1
    Cracked Ancient Arrowhead MISSING
    Fragile Ancient Arrowhead
    Valuable Ancient Arrowhead
    Treasured Ancient Arrowhead
    Well Made Ancient Arrowhead
    Brittle Ancient Arrowhead 1
    Forgotten Ancient Arrowhead
    Ancient Artifact Jugs
    Massive Ancient Jug MISSING
    Cracked Ancient Jug 1
    Fragile Ancient Jug MISSING
    Valuable Ancient Jug MISSING
    Treasured Ancient Jug 1
    Well Made Ancient Jug
    Brittle Ancient Jug
    Forgotten Ancient Jug 2
    Ancient Artifact Masks
    Battle Worn Ancient Mask 2
    Cracked Ancient Mask
    Fragile Ancient Mask
    Valuable Ancient Mask 1
    Treasured Ancient Mask MISSING
    Well Made Ancient Mask MISSING
    Brittle Ancient Mask 1
    Forgotten Ancient Mask
    Ancient Artifact Plates
    Overused Ancient Plate MISSING
    Cracked Ancient Plate 1
    Fragile Ancient Plate
    Valuable Ancient Plate MISSING
    Treasured Ancient Plate MISSING
    Well Made Ancient Plate
    Brittle Ancient Plate 1
    Forgotten Ancient Plate MISSING
    Ancient Artifact Statues
    Worshiped Ancient Statue 1
    Cracked Ancient Statue 1
    Fragile Ancient Statue 3
    Valuable Ancient Statue 2
    Treasured Ancient Statue MISSING
    Well Made Ancient Statue
    Brittle Ancient Statue MISSING
    Forgotten Ancient Statue 1
    Ancient Bone Artifacts
    Ancient Dog Bone
    Cracked Ancient Bone
    Fragile Ancient Bone MISSING
    Valuable Ancient Bone MISSING
    Treasured Ancient Bone MISSING
    Well Kept Ancient Bone MISSING
    Brittle Ancient Bone
    Forgotten Ancient Bone
    Ancient Chalice Artifacts
    Royal Ancient Chalice
    Cracked Ancient Chalice MISSING
    Fragile Ancient Chalice MISSING
    Valuable Ancient Chalice
    Treasured Ancient Chalice 1
    Well Made Ancient Chalice MISSING
    Brittle Ancient Chalice
    Forgotten Ancient Chalice MISSING
    Ancient Urn Artifacts
    Decorated Ancient Urn MISSING
    Cracked Ancient Urn
    Fragile Ancient Urn 1
    Valuable Ancient Urn MISSING
    Treasured Ancient Urn
    Well Made Ancient Urn MISSING
    Brittle Ancient Urn
    Forgotten Ancient Urn
    Bird Wing Fossils
    Tera-dactyl-opter Wing MISSING
    Tera-fopy Wing MISSING
    Tera-dactyl-actyl Wing 2
    Tera-ditzy Wing MISSING
    Tera-dact-attactyl Wing
    Tera-docter Wing 1
    Tera-wacky-dactyl Wing
    Tera-dopo-lous Wing MISSING
    Mini Fossils
    Baby Fossil
    Shrimp Fossil
    Tiny Fossil
    Teeny Fossil
    Bitty Fossil 2
    Little Fossil MISSING
    Pint-sized Fossil
    Pitiful Fossil MISSING
    Sabertooth Fossils
    Sabertooth Tiger Skull 1
    Sabertooth Cat Skull
    Sabertooth Lion Skull
    Sabertooth Panther Skull
    Sabertooth Tiger Teeth MISSING
    Sabertooth Cat Teeth 1
    Sabertooth Lion Teeth MISSING
    Sabertooth Panther Teeth MISSING
    Shark Teeth Fossils
    Great White Sharky Teeth MISSING
    Great White Sharkie Teeth 1
    Great White Sharkee Teeth 1
    Great White Sharki Teeth 2
    Great White Sharkey Teeth
    Great White Sharken Teeth
    Great White Sharkalot Teeth MISSING
    Great White Sharko Teeth 1
    Skull Fossils
    Tricer-teratops Skull
    Triceri-fops Skull
    Tri-celopter Skull 1
    Tricera-topsy Skull
    Tricera-turvey Skull MISSING
    Tricera-tips Skull
    Trici-teratops Skull MISSING
    Trice-opo-lops Skull
    Spine Fossils
    T-Rexy Spine 1
    Brachio-sore-ous Spine 1
    Stego-limp-ous Spine
    Veloci-rapture Spine MISSING
    Seismo-trucka-saurus Spine MISSING
    Galli-mimimimus Spine
    Dilo-phono-saurus Spine MISSING
    Petri-dactyl Spine 3

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    Default Re: Trading/Buying Collections

    I have these for you,
    Brittle Ancient Statue
    Cracked Ancient Arrowhead
    Decorated Ancient Urn
    Great White Sharky Teeth
    Valuable Ancient Urn
    I would like trade them for collection i needed.
    Here are the collection i needed,
    Sharp Ancient Arrowhead-50c
    Brittle Ancient Arrowhead-50c
    Forgotten Ancient Jug [1]-50c
    Treasured Ancient Jug-50c
    Battle Worn Ancient Mask-50c
    Brittle Ancient Mask-50c
    Cracked Ancient Plate-50c
    Valuable Ancient Statue-50c
    Forgotten Ancient Statue-50c
    Fragile Ancient Urn-50c
    Bitty Fossil [1]-50c
    Great White Sharkie Teeth-50c
    Great White Sharkee Teeth- 50c
    T-Rexy Spine-50c
    Brachio-sore-ous Spine- 50c
    Petri-dactyl Spine [1] -50c
    IGN:Marie Diamondstones
    As u say 50c per collection to uy and your needing collection would be 100c per.
    So i have 5 collection that you need also equal to 500c and want 16 collection would be 800c.
    My total: The 5 collection and 300c.

    (SAO) Sword Art Online (SAO)
    Asuna + Kirito
    Yui + Lizbeth + Slicia

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    Default Re: Trading/Buying Collections

    Contact me in game when you get a chance, Howie is my character name.

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    Default Re: Trading/Buying Collections

    Thanks for the trade!

    (SAO) Sword Art Online (SAO)
    Asuna + Kirito
    Yui + Lizbeth + Slicia

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    Default Re: Trading/Buying Collections

    Since I cannot edit this post, I will be making a new one.

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