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    Default Rob Robbie quest and keys

    Rob Robbie is a daily quest at summer camp, giving you RobGob junk for 7 days and on the eighth a chest, usually with a housing item, usually valuable (got the Mega Dance floor today)

    The last day's haul before the chest is always a key for a key collection. I've got all those but today I got the fairy key and I don't remember seeing that. Could be quite rare, like one of the last ones.

    At any rate, go Rob Robbie and get some good keys, junk, and really good stuff for your house (NO BLOCKS!)

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    Default Re: Rob Robbie quest and keys

    Well........ What quest is that

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    Default Re: Rob Robbie quest and keys

    Is it named a Pixie Key because that just a normal key

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    Default Re: Rob Robbie quest and keys

    the rob robbie quest:
    day 1:normal junkpile
    day 2:normal junkpile
    day 3:normal junkpile
    day 4:normal junkpile
    day 5:rare junkpile
    day 6:key
    day 7:SC housing item
    its at camp robbie
    teleport to greenwood warpstone and go to the green tents and click on the tent with junkpiles and a chest in it

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