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    Default Mail Supplies - Rare Collection

    Anyone have an angle on where these spawn at? The only places I've found them have been by mailboxes in the Sanctuary and in Seaside.

    I'm down to only needing the Free Realms stamp and it's getting somewhat disheartening looking all over for one of these, then getting something I already have over and over again.



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    Default Re: Mail Supplies - Rare Collection

    Hm, I generally find Rare Postman Collections in the same areas as Postman Collections - with the exception of the Seaside Post Office. Sanctuary, Seaside, and Snowhill all have Postman collection spawns, so you can rotate between the three locations.
    I will have to agree; the Free Realms Stamp is a rather rare stamp to locate - I'm currently out of stock on those, yet I have 10+ of all of the other collection items.

    Good luck locating it.
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