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    Default known Elite coin issue - will be fixed

    Found from Ref Tumbleweed the below is a known issue with some of the elite coins.

    Response (Free Realms Support) 12/23/2009 06:47 AM Greetings Pavana!

    Referee Tumbleweed here with the Free Realms Support Department and I will be delighted to assist you today!

    I understand that you have a few questions about how to get the Elite Explorer coin! Currently there are some explorer coins that sometimes have an issue that makes them hard to click on. That explains the problem why you can not easily click on it. It's not something that you're doing wrong, it's actually the coin that is having the problem. From what I've experienced, it seems to be working sometimes and sometimes doesn't work when you click on it. We are aware of the issue and are looking to have a fix for it soon.
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    Default Re: known Elite coin issue - will be fixed

    cool thanks for the info , bythe way do you know anything about blackspore elite exlploration and to be precise the coin named "ninjas and graveyards".

    please help

    always on server 1

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