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    Icon1 Job Specific Collections, Buying, Selling, Trading

    IGN: Howie

    Buying the ones I'm Missing for 100c
    Selling the ones I have extra for 50c
    Trades are even.

    I do not think I will be able to update this thread so I will make additional posts below with any updates.

    Thank you for your time!

    Job Specific
    Archer Bow Materials
    Lightweight Wood Missing
    Unbreakable Bow String
    Bow Stabilizer 2
    Bow Scope 3
    Bow Sling 3
    Bow Comfort Grip
    Wood Carving Tool 5
    Arrow Rest 5
    Archer Magical Bow Essences
    Bow Essence of Fire 3
    Bow Essence of Wind 3
    Bow Essence of Water 3
    Bow Essence of Earth Missing
    Archer Stories
    Archer Story pg. 1 2
    Archer Story pg. 2 5
    Archer Story pg. 3 2
    Archer Story pg. 4 Missing
    Archer Story pg. 5 3
    Archer Story pg. 6 1
    Archer Story pg. 7 4
    Archer Story pg. 8
    Blacksmith Materials
    Sculpting Table Missing
    Anvil Missing
    Metal Bars
    Chisel 1
    Tongs Missing
    Coal Missing
    Blacksmith Stories
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 1 Missing
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 2 1
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 3 Missing
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 4 1
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 5 Missing
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 6 1
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 7
    Blacksmith Stories pg. 8 Missing
    Blacksmith's Forge Adventures
    Forge Story pg. 1 Missing
    Forge Story pg. 2 2
    Forge Story pg. 3 2
    Forge Story pg. 4 1
    Forge Story pg. 5
    Forge Story pg. 6
    Forge Story pg. 7 1
    Forge Story pg. 8
    Brawler Hammer Materials
    Hammer Handle 1
    Hammer Ergonomic Grip
    Hammer Head
    Hammer Mold
    Brawler Magical Hammer Essences
    Hammer Essence of Fire
    Hammer Essence of Wind
    Hammer Essence of Water
    Hammer Essence of Earth
    Bralwer Stories
    Brawler Story page. 1
    Brawler Story page. 2
    Brawler Story page. 3
    Brawler Story page. 4
    Brawler Story page. 5
    Brawler Story page. 6
    Brawler Story page. 7
    Brawler Story page. 8
    Chef's Cake Baking Books
    Fancy Cake Baking Book 3
    Big Cake Baking Book 2
    Small Cake Baking Book 4
    Kosher Cake Baking Book 4
    Vegan Cake Baking Book 5
    Sugar Free Cake Baking Book 3
    Quick Cake Baking Book 1
    Low Fat Cake Baking Book 3
    Chef's Cake Baking Utensils
    Cake Baking Whisk
    Big Baking Spoon 5
    Baking Pan 3
    Baking Oven Mitt 6
    Baking Mixer 6
    Glass Bowl 7
    Baking Sifter 4
    Baking Rack 5
    Chef's Cake Platters
    Party Sized Platter
    Fancy Cake Platter
    Silver Cake Platter 1
    Decorative Cake Plater 1
    Multi-Tiered Cake Plater 1
    Plastic Cake Platter 4
    Mini Cake Platter 6
    Glass Cake Platter 1
    Derby Driver Tires
    Patched Tires Missing
    Flat Tires Missing
    Recycled Tires
    Old Tires
    Word Down Tires Missing
    Monster Tires Missing
    Spike Tires
    Muddy Tires Missing
    Derby Junkyard Kart
    Junkyard Engine Missing
    Junkyard Wheels
    Junkyard Shocks Missing
    Junkyard Kart Hood Missing
    Junkyard Steering Wheel Missing
    Junkyard Spoiler Missing
    Junkyard Kart Door Missing
    Junkyard Roll Cage Missing
    Derby Kart Fuel
    C85 Crystal Fuel
    87 Crystal Fuel Missing
    89 Crystal Fuel
    91 Crystal Fuel Missing
    93 Crystal Fuel Missing
    100 Crystal Fuel Missing
    110 Crystal Fuel Missing
    1000 Crystal Fuel Missing
    Extra Large Catch of the Day
    Extra Large Chilly Grouper Missing
    Extra Large Blue Thornfin Missing
    Extra Large Talking Bass Missing
    Extra Large Goofy Grouper Missing
    Extra Large Plattypus Missing
    Extra Large Flutterfish
    Extra Large Butter Flyfish Missing
    Kart Part Upgrades
    Upgraded Suspension
    Upgraded Transmission
    Upgraded Fuel Injectors
    Upgraded Exhaust Missing
    Upgraded Turbo Missing
    Upgraded Headers
    Upgraded Engine Block
    Upgraded Brakes
    Kart Race Fuel
    Robgoblin's Race Fuel Missing
    Pixie's Race Fuel
    Human's Race Fuel Missing
    Nitrous Missing
    Chugawug's Race Fuel Missing
    Dwarve's Race Fuel
    Troll's Race Fuel
    Rocket Fuel Missing
    Kart Race Tires
    Slicks Missing
    Sticky Tires 1
    Rally Tires
    Skinny Tires Missing
    Snow Tires
    All-weather Tires
    Drift Tires Missing
    Smoking Tires
    Medic Magical Essences
    Shock Rod Essence of Fire Missing
    Shock Rod Essence of Wind
    Shock Rod Essence of Water Missing
    Shock Rod Essence of Earth 3
    Medic Shock Rod Materials
    Shock Panels Missing
    Shock Wires 1
    Shock Plates 4
    Shock Handle
    Shock Engine
    Shock Screws 1
    Shock Bolts 2
    Flow Capacitor Missing
    Medic Stories
    Medic Story pg. 1 2
    Medic Story pg. 2
    Medic Story pg. 3
    Medic Story pg. 4 2
    Medic Story pg. 5 2
    Medic Story pg. 6 1
    Medic Story pg. 7 Missing
    Medic Story pg. 8 1
    Miner's Copper Ore
    Piece of Copper Ore 1
    Chunk of Copper Ore
    Copper Ore Nugget
    Block of Copper Ore 1
    Sliver of Copper Ore
    Ounce of Copper Ore 1
    Pile of Copper Ore 1
    Hunk of Copper Ore
    Miner's Fancy Gems
    Jade Gems 1
    Spinel Gems
    Aquamarine Gems
    Moonstone Gems Missing
    Citrine Gems 1
    Iolite Gems Missing
    Agate Gems
    Jet Gems
    Miner's Gold Ore
    Piece of Gold Ore 1
    Chuck of Gold Ore
    Gold Ore Nugget Missing
    Block of Gold Ore Missing
    Sliver of Gold Ore Missing
    Hunk of Gold Ore Missing
    Ounce of Gold Ore
    Pile of Gold Ore 2
    Miner's Precious Gems
    Emerald Gems
    Ruby Gems
    Sapphire Gems 3
    Turquoise Gems 1
    Topaz Gems 1
    Onyx Gems Missing
    Amethyst Gems Missing
    Garnet Gems
    Miner's Silver Ore
    Piece of Silver Ore
    Chunk of Silver Ore Missing
    Silver Ore Nugget
    Sliver of Silver Ore
    Hunk of Silver Ore Missing
    Ounce of Silver Ore 1
    Pile of Silver Ore 3
    Block of Silver Ore
    Miner's Special Gems
    Extraordinary Gem Missing
    Exceptional Gem
    Significant Gem 1
    Uncommon Gem 1
    Rare Gem Missing
    Memorable Gem
    Peculiar Gem Missing
    Personal Gem
    Ninja Magical Sword Essences
    Sword Essence of Fire Missing
    Sword Essence of Wind
    Sword Essence of Water 1
    Sword Essence of Earth Missing
    Ninja Stories
    Ninja Story pg. 1 Missing
    Ninja Story pg. 2
    Ninja Story pg. 3
    Ninja Story pg. 4 1
    Ninja Story pg. 5
    Ninja Story pg. 6
    Ninja Story pg. 7 1
    Ninja Story pg. 8
    Ninja Sword Materials
    Sword Handle Missing
    Sword Comfort Grip 1
    Refined Metal Missing
    Sword Collar Missing
    Sword Guard Missing
    Scabbard Missing
    Sword Sharpener Missing
    Postman Packages and Envelopes
    Sealed Envelope
    Blank Envelope Missing
    This Side Up Missing
    Gift Package
    Opened Envelope Missing
    Wax Sealed Envelope Missing
    First Class Envelope Missing
    Fragile Package
    Postman Stamps
    Wilds Stamp
    Briarwood Stamp Missing
    Chugawug Stamp Missing
    Penguin Stamp Missing
    Free Realms Stamp
    Robgoblin Stamp 1
    Ayani Stamp Missing
    Snowhill Stamp Missing
    Soccer Cleats
    Sanctuary Strikers Cleats 2
    Lightning Bolts Cleats 3
    Spider Sting Cleats 9
    Soccer Sprinters Cleats 7
    Black Ivy Cleats 4
    Ayani Stars Cleats 5
    Snowhill Sliders Cleats 1
    Tropic Hurricanes Cleats
    Soccer Jerseys
    Sanctuary Strikers Jersey
    Lightning Bolts Jersey 3
    Spider Sting Jersey
    Soccer Sprinters Jersey 3
    Black Ivy Jersey 5
    Ayani Stars Jersey 2
    Snowhill Sliders Jersey 2
    Tropic Hurricanes Jersey
    Warrior Axe Materials
    Axe Handle Missing
    Axe Comfort Grip 1
    Axe Head Missing
    Axe Sharpener 3
    Warrior Magical Axe Essences
    Axe Essence of Fire Missing
    Axe Essence of Wind Missing
    Axe Essence of Water 2
    Axe Essence of Earth Missing
    Warrior Stories
    Warrior Story pg. 1 Missing
    Warrior Story pg. 2
    Warrior Story pg. 3 Missing
    Warrior Story pg. 4 Missing
    Warrior Story pg. 5
    Warrior Story pg. 6 Missing
    Warrior Story pg. 7 Missing
    Warrior Story pg. 8 4
    Wilds Pond Fish
    Finless Fish Missing
    Peachy Perch Missing
    Calico Catfish Missing
    Lady Tetra Missing
    Toothy Tetra Missing
    Wilds Stream Fish
    Slugmud Skipper
    Butter Flyfish Missing
    Feral Catfish Missing
    Cheery Salmon Missing
    Chipsen Fish Missing
    Baconfish Missing
    Wizard Magical Wand Essences
    Wand Essence of Fire
    Wand Essence of Wind Missing
    Wand Essence of Water
    Wand Essence of Earth Missing
    Wizard Stories
    Wizard Story pg. 1 1
    Wizard Story pg. 2
    Wizard Story pg. 3 1
    Wizard Story pg. 4 Missing
    Wizard Story pg. 5
    Wizard Story pg. 6 1
    Wizard Story pg. 7
    Wizard Story pg. 8 Missing
    Wizard Wand Materials
    Carved Wood Missing
    Metal Rod
    Crystal Gems Missing
    Pixie Dust
    Dragons Breath
    Floren Moustache Leaf
    Yeti Hair
    Robgoblin Booger Missing

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    Default Re: Job Specific Collections, Buying, Selling, Trading

    Good luck
    And ill try to buy something when I get the chance to see what I have

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