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    Default i need worrier collection pieces

    plz tell me if u have some ty

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    Default Re: i need worrier collection pieces

    I assume you mean Warrior collection pieces?
    I have some, which do you need?
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    Default Re: i need worrier collection pieces

    1. Shouldn't this post go on the free market?
    2. You get warrior collection pieces by going into battle as a warrior. Some of the common battles to find these kinds of things are:
    Bixie hive
    Arachnia's lair
    Robgoblin Treasure trove
    Cray caverns
    Swee****er climb
    Treeleaf's retreat
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    Default Re: i need worrier collection pieces

    I have a collections trade thread that might be of some help if your looking to complete your collections.
    I don't actually sell the collection items I just do trades. Its item for item, whatever you need for whatever you want to give me. I do it to try to help people finish their collections.

    Please, check my list that I've posted of items that I have. It will tell you what I have and if any of the collection items your looking for, are items that you get from completing other collections.If I have stuff you need please post it on the thread as it helps me keep up with editing my list.
    Heres the link to my thread hopefully it will help.

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    Default Re: i need worrier collection pieces

    Good luck

    True story!

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