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Title: Golden Flower Collection

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    Icon3 Golden Flower Collection

    Hi Everyone !

    So I know I have been asking alot about this but I really want to finish my Golden Flower Collection. Does anybody have these flowers by any chance:

    Black Tulip
    Red Tulip
    Purple Tulip
    Autumn Beauty (its a sunflower)
    Red Rose
    Orange Lily
    Green Lily
    Blue Lily
    Red Daisy
    Red Carnation

    If you have any of these flowers, will you please trade them to me?? My name is Phoebe Sapphiregem on the game so just add me from there and please let me know when your getting on so we can trade !

    Thank you!!
    *Live Laugh Love*

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    Default Re: Golden Flower Collection

    Dang that spambot went mental.
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    Default Re: Golden Flower Collection

    Yes, yes it did. Good luck BTW! I'm trying to finish my collection as well.

    One flower to go..!
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    Default Re: Golden Flower Collection

    How much spam is there omg o_o'
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