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    Icon3 Doll's Collection

    Hola Amigos,

    I have not completed one collection for any of the Doll's Collection yet and I am trying to. Has anyone completed any of the Doll's Collection? Do you get a doll when you complete one fully? Do you only get coins? Do you start another collection after completely finishing one of the doll's collection? Or, do you get all of the above? I am anxious to know what will happen after finishing one of the collections. Thats all.

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    Default Re: Doll's Collection

    You can also see what you get from finishing them, right side at the srcreen when you click on a collcetion. I hope it makes sence
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    Default Re: Doll's Collection

    Yup, as Jennifer said, you can see the rewards by clicking on the collection and looking to the right side.

    Completing a doll collection does indeed give you the doll itself. Completing the Formal Queen Doll collection, for example, gives you the Queen Formal Doll. (Not sure why they switched the words - oh well.) The complete doll goes into another collection made up completely of finished dolls; there are three or four of these in total, and they go into one final doll collection. The very last doll collection you can complete is the Doll's Pets collection.

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    Default Re: Doll's Collection

    Completing the "Doll's Pets" collection gives you:

    Doggy Tripled Stripe Sweater, Kitty Horizon Sweater, Doggy Dark Plaid Sweater, & Kitty Argyle Pink Sweater

    I think...
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