Hi everyone, I've tried this quest for several days and I simply can't beat it. Garrison begins with a 3 point lead right at the start with his Raven Companion and a resource card in play, allowing him a 2 coin advantage each turn. How may I improve my deck so as to stand a good chance against him? These are the cards in the deck I'm currently using:


Cost One:
Angry Yeti x1
Jolly Roger x1
Apprentice Smith x3
Fire Toad x1

Cost Two:
Zargolut's Essence x3
Lucky Toad Companion x3

Cost Three:
Black Tom Cutlass x1
Raven Companion x2

Cost Four:
Kart Driver x3

Bry x2
Commodore Kraken x1
Garrison Gold x3


Cost One:
Ice Clap x1
Fall Back x1
Spring Forward x2

Cost Two:
Shuriken Toss x3

Cost Three:
Going Nuts x2


Power Nap x3
From the Trash Bin x3
Runaway Mine Cart x1

Card Number: 40
Avg Flip: 2.7

How may I improve my deck to beat such difficult card duels? I will buy whatever cards I need to improve my deck. Appreciate any help given