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Title: rukidding?

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    Default rukidding?

    i have all jobs maxed BUT card duelist, but the prpblem is, i suck at it, any tips for a beginner?
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    Default Re: rukidding?

    It is actually very easy. You need to have a good deck for it. You can complete the first quests even using the starter deck that you got. For the harder quests, if u r a member Try trading cards and make a good deck according to the duelist(I mean Sam Potts etc.) you are dueling against. If you aren't a member ou can use the cards that you got after finishing the starter quests and try tweaking your starter deck and adding the new cards in as you get them. Good luck on the quests, I hope you max card duelist soon.

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    Default Re: rukidding?

    That's pretty good advice from Anurag there Jesse. He was too modest to mention it but, our Anurag is the current #1 ranked duelist in the TCG.

    Let me add to his comments if I may. Three quick points.

    1. Avoid the temptation to expand your deck beyond 40 cards. Starter decks are well constructed. Just tweak the deck you have by replacing some of the cards in it with better ones as they come available. After a while, you will collect enough cards to build a deck in another sphere if you prefer.

    2. Try to stick as much as possible with one sphere per deck. When you limit spheres the cards compliment one another. A well constructed single sphere deck will usually trump a mixed deck full of great cards. After all; There is no limit on how many decks you may construct.

    3. Have fun. The best way to learn to play is to play. The more you play, the better you will become.

    Best of luck. We will be looking for you in the TCG tournaments soon.
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    Default Re: rukidding?

    I know. Card duelist can be hard for some of us. I would just say keep on trying and never give up.
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