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Title: Problems?

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    Default Problems?

    Anybody else having a problem with this? I just entered a Kitty Ninja Gi code from the trading card pack I bought at Target. It gave me the 50 SC, I didn't get my Gi, but it told me it couldn't be processed because of a technical error. It won't let me use the code again, and I'm worried I just lost my Gi. (I'm already sending in a report.)

    Oh nevermind. Its not a problem with my code, its a problem with the whole site. My friend showed me that Kirill Moonrunner (Whatever his name is..) The last pet trainer, is red. And another old pixie beside him is orange. And then it sorta froze on us both, and kicked us off. Now the servers are down.
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    Default Re: Problems?

    Sorry to hear your issues hopefully the site will get them resolved soon

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    Default Re: Problems?

    You'll get your gi.

    You have to click on the trading card game, click on the tab to show your virtual reward cards. Double click on your card for the kitty gi then you can click redeem.

    Remember, you can trade the card but after you redeem it you cannot trade the gi. After you redeem it then you go through the same process of claiming the item.

    Try that and let us know if it works for you

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    Default Re: Problems?

    dont worry i had a code that said i got a card but when i went to go look its not there or never showed up it was a bug in the code they said and i was very unhappy it took them over a week to give me my card!

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    Default Re: Problems?

    bummer bummer bummer

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    Default Re: Problems?

    Wow you werent going to help lol? And this is already solved

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