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    Default FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    FINALLY! A Duelist Case for Layla.

    After placeing in the top eight or better on a few occasions; I finally managed to nab that long coveted championship card case. I would like to say "I did it my way" but to be honest; I probably would not have gotten there if Warrider had not dropped out with less than an hour to go. I was in a previous tourny when Warrider (with a two game lead) switched over to a starter deck. That two game lead evaporated and, he was defeated by some newbie who had never won a tourny before. I'm starting to sense a pattern here.

    I realise that Warrider has a killer deck because I've had the misfortune of seeing it first hand. I know he has more tourny badges in hand than I will probably ever see. What I did not know untill now was how unselfish he could be. To step aside briefly so newbies like myself and an unknown number of others could have a small taste of limelight. I would like to think in future days I might show such consideration to new and struggeling players.

    I know that eventually I'll get there without training wheels. I may not be a great player with an unbeatable deck but; I am a good player with a respectable deck, and thats good enough for me. I look forward to meeting, beating, and even loseing to all my fellow TCG players in tournies to come. I'm sure the next time I play Warrider, he will beat the virtual pants off of me, but thats okay, cause he's such a sweetie!

    I'll see you all in game somewhere. Untill then please remember...


    My prophecy has been fulfilled! I have met Warrider again, and as predicted, he beat the virtual pants off of me. Good thing for him that he's so darn cute. Otherwise, a lady might hold a grudge. In fact, Warrider has beaten me every time I've played him; Every time but once that is. Untill such time as I can build a better deck; I shall cherish that once untill the day I retire my cards.

    Meanwhile, I managed to get that second tournament win, so; I guess I can take the training wheels off now. I stated in the above post, that I would like to think I would be in a position to show generosity to new players, when it occured to me there is. After playing in four or five tournaments in the span of a week; I max out my prize winnings (coins aside). Meanwhile, newer and non member players are still trying to get into the top eight so they can add new cards to their deck. When I find I'm maxed on prizes; I will play for the coins and then drop out so some other players can have a better chance at earning cards that I am no longer eligable for. It's a very small sacrifice. I still get the chance to play a game I love, and perhaps help make some other players day as well. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I've noticed that I'm not the only person to do this. To all of you veteran players out there that inspired me to take such action...Thank-you! The TCG community is one of the best groups on the entire FR site. I'm glad to have found you guys.

    Love you long time:
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Congrats on the achievement! I would have made a blog for my case but it's too late for me now. I missed my chance last month. So I'll share mine:

    My story is quite similar too! Mine started with a "prophecy" from a great friend of mine (who is an expert.. So, fast forward a couple of months and it was the first day of summer. I entered the TCG with my new Machine deck, ready for field testing. Warrider was also leading the tourney. Near the last 20 minutes, I faced him. He told me " I'll let you win this one. Good luck on the case ". I managed to get bumped to first place. I would have won even without his help but Warrider is one humble player.
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Congrats. Warrider is one tough guy to play.
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Grtaz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    i may try for the case one day but i just wanted the wand and clothes
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Anything wrong with Ninja Power?
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Awwww.... I loved this story! It is so nice to hear about unselfish folks who play instead of always hearing about how greedy people are. Thank you for sharing this and WHOOT !!!... congrats on the case!

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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Congratulations! A little kindness goes a long way and I hope he starts a trend.
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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    grats i remeber getting pwned by warrider every time a tcg tournement was on hes rly rly tough

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    Default Re: FINALLY! TCG tourny winner.

    Congratulations! I probably wouldn't be able to win that case even with the help of half of the competitors!
    It's difficult to find such an evolved community to not have those few that stand out in some positive manner; nonetheless, it's always refreshing to the soul to hear such stories.
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