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    Default Fighting TCG Quests

    Well TCG quest gives a lot of cool clothes...
    so first do some quest from sam potts (sanc) and find her cards later go in the game guide and on the bottom there is some cards press it and a TCG lobby comes out there will be some thing saying becoming a card duelist. get out of the lobby and go to sam potts she will give yoou quest and you will earn cool clothes she will pass u on to Jili then Jili will pass you on to Poe tatters.They are all in sanc. when you are finished with him you will go to bry then to garrison.they all have cool stuff to give you! its awesome but hard! Shifty is the one i am stuck on hes the next one after garrison.
    thats all i know GOOD LUCK! :]

    um i am done with shifty....
    after shifty you will play with ji... um i forgot her name......sorry
    she will pass you too ari then i am trying to beat ari....the fish.....
    ari the fish is some where in the west of sanc like in the mountains... she owns a stalk of fish and she will be a green dot no other color..
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