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Title: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

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    Icon1 Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies


    So you want to be a duelist? Dueling is perhaps the easiest job to get on to and the toughest to master. The Free Realms Card Game takes a lot of luck, skill and knowledge of your cards and deck(s) and how to use all of these elements properly and which decks to use them against.

    Inside this guide will be some more basic tools and tips to get you through levels 1-5.
    And more advance topics which will prove useful in later levels (7+).

    This guide will continue to grow through additions of strategies, play types and deck building tips.

    Starting out:

    (the two orange arrows mark the starting points)

    The Duelist Job is unlocked by visiting the Poe Tatters in the Sanctuary or Garrison Gold in Snowhills. - If you are working on your Chef Job you will be visiting either area within levels 1-5, this is a good time try out the game and see if you are cut out for dueling or not!

    (Poe Tatters)

    The Card Duelist is a free style job, meaning the clothing you wear is not specified to the Job but you may wear your normal clothing. However, there are some items you will gain later on that allows you to "dress up" the job a little bit. (A nature themed card dueling hat, for example).

    The Job is leveled through the main quest series starting at Poe Tatters in Sanctuary (as previously mentioned) and through participating in card battles with NPCs (non playable characters).

    (Garrison Gold)

    The best way to get some practice in is to follow the training quests
    for the Card Duelist and its quest line. This quest line starts from Poe Tatters or Sam Potts in the sanctuary.

    Enter the Champion from Poe Tatters
    - this quest introduces you to the
    Card game and gives you your first deck (nature or machine - this appears to be random).

    Sam I am from Poe Tatters
    - This quest sends you to visit
    Sam potts in the Sanctuary with the goal of a practice duel in mind.

    52 Card Pick-Up from Sam Potts
    - This quest requires you to pick up a number of cards scattered around Sanctuary.

    So Over Archery from Sam Potts
    & Cardie 4 Life from Sam Potts - These quests requires you to visit the archery trainer(?) In Sanctuary and report that Sam Potts is no longer interested. The Pixie sends you back to Sam Potts and asks you to play her Champion Deck (and defeat it) to gain her interest back in archery.these quests also introduces you to the cardie crew and asks you to visit Poe Tatters once again.

    History of the Crew from Poe Tatters - rather then introducing you to the history of the "Cardie Crew" Poe Tatters asks you to visit various members of the town to gain their perspective on what the cardie crew was about and for. As well as the history of the group.

    Half a Deck from Poe Tatters - This quest begins a few mini games to unlock Poe Tatters champion deck for dueling.

    Poe's Planted Cards from Poe Tatters - You are required to search the yellow pots around the area and find the missing half of his deck.

    Poe's Best Deck From Poe Tatters - Now that his deck is complete, duel and defeat Poe Tatter's champion deck.

    An old friend From Poe Tatters - After defeating Poe Tatters champion deck he asks you to help reform the Cardie Crew and sends you off to battle the Pixie Bry in Lakeshore.

    Battle Bry From Bry - To prove yourself to Bry and to get her help rebuilding the Cardie Crew she wants you to defeat her trick deck!

    Cardie Party: From Bry - Before Bry will consider dueling you she asks for you to revive the duelist interest and help form a new Cardie Club by visiting various people around Lakeshore. You can now battle Bry's deck! Defeat her to earn a hero card and others. After she sends you to another duelist.

    Garrisoning Garrison From Bry - Bry has asked you to go defeat the Pig-headed Garrison. He won't be happy to hear you are reforming the crew. Convience him to allow the Cardie Crew to Reform.

    Serious Business From Garrison Gold - Before he'll duel you, Garrison has to know there is something in it for him. This quest requires you to catch the pig "Puggles" outside of the snowhill zone. Tip: turn of click to move and stand in one spot to catch this pig quickly!

    Snowhill Showdown from Garrison Gold - Garrison wants a rematch! The pig distracted him! Return "Puggles" to the farm and duel Garrion's tournament deck.

    Shifty Dealing from Garrison Gold - Shifty has been building the ultimate deck in Wugachug by creating his own cards, go find shifty and find if Garrison's claims are true.

    Misplaced Deck from Shifty the Shuffler - Shifty has misplaced his deck - or perhaps the chugawugs took it? Regardless, find his deck and return it to him.

    Squash the Shuffler from Wugawhump
    - Wugawhump is tired of Shifty's games. Defeat his best deck and put the shuffler in his place.

    Parcel Recovery from Wugawhump - Shifty had a new set of cards coming through the mail, Wugawhump suggests you find the lost package to make sure no more trouble comes out of this mess!
    By dueling postman Jammie Swiftsong's trick deck you will find out where the parcel is.

    Monty has them all from Jammie SwiftSong - After defeating Jammie's trick deck they ask you to persuade Monty Dozen in Seaside to return their own cards. He agrees to give back the cards if you help him find a surfboard from Delvin.

    Just one more! From Jammie SwiftSong
    - After returning the cards Monty took to Jammie they "pinky swears" that if you play her one more time they'll return the cards to you without a fuss. You must defeat Jammie's tournament deck.

    Finding the fish from Jammie SwiftSong - after defeating Jammie's deck. The pixie admits they have read a note at the bottom of the create, the cards appeared to have belonged to Ari the Fish from Merry Vale. You are asked to return them. Once you find Ari you will be asked to play her trick deck.

    Proof is in the cards from Ari the Fish - Ari has asked you to apologize to Maple Sugarleaf and the crew members. She'll believe the apology is from her if you have Ari's hero card. You must defeat Ari the Fish and her Champion deck to gain this card.

    Herme the Hermit from Ari the Fish -
    After defeating Ari she suggests visiting the hermit Herme in the sugar vale to see if he knows where Maple is. When you arrive he asks you to duel him for the information.

    Playing a Prodigy from Herme The Hermit
    - After defeating Herme he sends you to Farnum Farmstead where he last heard Maple was. To truly believe you defeated Ari and to accept her apology you must defeat the Prodigy Maple Sugarleaf.

    The Best of the Best - After defeating Maple's trick deck. She suggests that if you defeat her and Ari's champion deck they would not need to worry who is best any longer. Once you defeat Maple's tournament deck she asks you to visit Poe Tatters and Ari and let them know the cardie crew is back in town!

    Congrats you have finished the Card Duelist quest line!

    Member only cardie quests

    Wild Card Showdown: Machine from Poe Tatters: The Wild card tournament is in town and the cardie crew has paid the fee for you. Participate in the tournament by defeating Poe Tatters deck - afterward you must defeat Garrison Gold's creature deck. Once you defeat Garrison Gold's creature deck you are asked to beat his resource deck to eliminate him from the tournament.

    Once you have done so, you will be asked to return to Poe Tatters and defeat his Machine deck. Defeat this deck to earn the right to face the Chaos branch (and a cool machine t-shirt!)

    Wild card showdown: Chaos from Poe Tatters - The Wild card tournament is far from done! Visit Shifty and defeat his creature deck!
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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    The Card Game

    How to play:

    When you start out - shortly into the quest line there is a tutorial that will walk you through all the basics of play. I highly recommend starting out there as you will get a feel for the game.

    For the beginner levels (which appear to be up until level 5 or 6) you can pretty much play through basic creatures and minimal use of resources/tricks (R&Ts).
    I managed to complete most games in a few minutes - spending ten minutes maximum on most matches through the careful use of creatures and R&Ts.

    Your starting deck is built around your hero and either a nature or machine sphere. Read all the R&T cards carefully and you will soon learn when each one will come in handy!

    The Free Realms trading card game (like all card games) is built around expansion of your collection; building of your deck and strategies in combat.

    The following strategy is an example of a simple strategy I use against many NPCs (Non playable characters) while following the quest line - and one you can build onto which I will mention at the end of this section.

    A Basic strategy.

    This Strategy I developed through a few practice games I played with Poe Tatters (see first post). With a good hand, I can easily win a game within 10 turns (5 turns each) and dominate the board with no scoring on the opponents side.

    To play this strategy successfully you will want at least one 1 coin creature. The best position to be in is to have three or four one coin creatures to play quickly down.

    Starting the play I receive a hand full of 4 and 5 coined creatures/heroes. This is not what I want so I opt to redraw.

    This is all about luck, you can only redraw once so you have to weigh the pros and cons of this move carefully. - I knew that I wanted lower coin cards.

    And luckily! I received many low coin creatures. As I start this match I play my trick card Easy money into my inventory. This card will come in handy later - my goal is to dominate the field early on, which will allow me to hunt without zapping by playing this resource later.

    Secondly, I play my Fire Toad. He has a decent level of defense and attack power which makes him a great card to start out on. He should be able to stand up to any other starter card that may be played by my opponent.

    My Opponent does not appear to have any low coin creatures at this point and lays down a card to her inventory.

    My next turn I lay down the RobGoblin cook into my inventory. (He does not have the greatest defense so he will not last long if I put him out on the board - think of this card like a quick attack to remove any starters already in place or to be played to benefit a hero card) Now I have two coins to use this turn. I play my Changeling Sentry and another Fire toad.

    My opponent does not have any cards out and this allows me to hunt three times - gaining a score of now 4.

    Once again, Sam Potts puts down a card to her inventory and plays no creatures.

    My next turn I lay a Ernie hero card to my inventory - I have no plan to use these hero cards yet and have two more in my hand. I now have 3 creatures in play and no combat will be needed as I can once again hunt. With three coins available for me to use I play my "Easy Money" resource. This cards allows any creature who can hunt to do so without zapping - meaning I can hunt twice in one turn!

    By the end of my 3rd turn I will have a score of eight.

    Now it is Sam Potts third turn. She has realized that I am leading with a score of eight and this time plays her card "Royal Medic" against my "Fire Toad" - this results in a battle.

    My Fire Toad only has 3 defense and her royal medic has 4 attack. I play my "Vine Tangles" trick to balance my power to hers. When we draw cards we end up tying with a score of 5 each. This will discard both our monsters but prevent Sam Potts from scoring - and I still have two creatures on the board!

    Turn four arrives and I draw and place the a resource into my inventory. After this I place the card "Gloom Agent" onto the field - this is a creature worth two coins and what I would call a "mid range" creature. This is great to fill in the cracks and allow more successful combat versus higher coin creatures while you are waiting for yours to appear, or in some cases this allows you to dominate the board against machine creatures or other types (machine have very good draw bonus').

    At the end of turn four I have scored 11 points.

    Another round goes by for Sam Potts. She plays another card and puts out a creature which ties with my Gloom Agent - resulting in no score once again for Sam Potts.

    Turn 5. I draw and receive the card "Easy Money" in my hand. Although I do not need to in theory - I play to my inventory and select it to spend coins on and hunt with my fire toad. This protects me from any tricks that may be played while I hunt in a battle phase.

    This action brings my score to 12!

    Building a deck:

    Creating a new deck once you gain new cards can be a very rewarding experience! But for that deck to succeed you are going to need to balance your cards.

    Keep in mine for a deck to be considered "Legal" and usable in play you need observe the following requirements:

    1. You can not have more then 3 of the same card in your deck.
    2. You must have 40 cards in your decks.

    When building a deck you are looking for a balance of low leveled creatures that you can put into play right away & heroes and stronger creatures you can bring out when you have built up points in play.

    Here is what I would look for in a deck:

    1. Do not build a deck over 50 cards - I try to limit the cards to 50 MAX. but most of my decks stay around the 40 card minimum. Why? This allows me to get access to the cards I want and need faster then if I had to shuffle through 20 of so-so cards that I may not need. Put in what will benefit you and allow you to make those 12 marks quickly.

    2. Keep this number in mind - 1/3 of your deck should be low level to mid range creatures. 1/3 should be higher creatures and heroes. And the last 1/3 should be resources and tricks that will benefit you.

    3. Try to limit yourself to two spheres - having more then that will create a weakness in your deck as the cards are too spread out. Many heroes play best with one sphere & have benefits or add benefits to having that sphere out in play. This does not always apply to tricks & resources as many of different spheres can have benefits in play to each hero -- read every card carefully!

    4. Watch your R&Ts! if all your resources/tricks are higher stars then it will take longer for them to begin to see benefits in play. Pick some lower star tricks/resources
    to fill out the gaps and keep your lower monsters out in play longer as you build points.

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    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    FAQ ---------

    How do I open a trading booster pack? Double click on a pack or right click it for options.

    Can I choose my beginners deck? At this point it appears the deck you are rewarded is random and no selection can be made.

    What is the best way to get more cards? To begin gaining cards to edit your deck, you can battle various NPCs (non playable characters) through out the world of free realms. When you win against a deck they have listed you will gain a certain type of card. This can be a great way to start gaining cards to "fill in the cracks". This allows you to add another type for further depth into your nature or machine beginners deck.

    The other way you can expand your cards is through purchase of trading booster packs. You can do this in three different ways.

    First of all - at your local Target you can buy a booster pack of 10 cards - which also allows you to play the game at home with friends.

    Secondly, you can purchase cards online through "Station Cash" - this gives you a virtual card but no paper version. A good idea for those not interested in playing
    with family or friends at home.

    Third - with the purchase of a Free Realms membership you receive a booster pack of cards every month. This is a great option for those looking to boost their cards and experience more of what the world has to offer.
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    Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'.
    I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    great guide, much more detailed then the in-game guide though i found the in-game guide a little easier

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    Just as a note to beginners who might be wondering... you don't need to buy booster packs or even create a custom deck in order to become a Level 20 Card Duelist. I got to at least Level 15 before I ever made any changes to my original beginner deck. You might lose to the higher-level Tournament Decks 5 times in a row, but you can do it. I'm not a huge fan of card games, so I just wanted to finish it for the clothes

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    I absolutely love the Card Duelist Job..Its my favorite so far This is a wonderful guide. I would have loved to have a guide like this when I started playing. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    I'm a HUGE Yu-Gi-Oh tcg lover so the switch to this Wasn't a problem, great guide.

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    Awsome guide ^^

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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    Awesome guide for beginners, although I am creating another deck so I can achieve beating other players so i'm not considered a "starter deck person," and I suppose the Order deck it the best? (out of chaos, nature, etc.)
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    Default Re: Card Duelist - Job guide, Card game & Strategies

    There is no ''best'' sphere.
    But Order does very well with Royal Decree and a Chugawug Cap.

    I play machine tho and I like to play it the most

    BTW: I noticed in your guide that you played your fire toad first... I would rather have played that Changeling dude, cause if the enemy was to have a creature avaliable on his turn, it would most likely kill your toad if it got attacked - but changeling dude has the +3 defence gem feature, and would most likely win a battle defending.

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