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    Icon2 Smelting pays for itself (Silver/Gold)

    I've been smelting my stuff and I noticed that, if you complete finish, you get a set number of coins no matter what.

    Gold = 84 Coins
    Silver = 49 Coins

    Iron = 27 Coins
    Tin = 16 Coins
    Copper = 11 Coins

    It costs 36 coins to smelt 5 ore.

    I'm assuming you can smelt 4 bars consistently.

    Gold and Silver pay for themselves no matter how many you smelt, or what you do with the bars afterwards.

    Iron makes you a tiny profit if you sell just two of the bars, more if you sell all of them.

    With Tin, you break even, plus whatever you won off the wheel, plus 5 coins if you smelt and sell the fifth bar.

    Even copper breaks even / nets a profit if you smelt the fifth bar, plus whatever you get off the wheel.


    *toddles back to smelting*

    Edit: I had originally thought that you got the coins as a bonus for the 'smash the ore' phase but you get it no matter what.
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