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Title: HELP!!

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    Default HELP!!

    Does anyone know where the trainer for brawler is ~or~ is there any trainer for level 20 brawler?

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    Default Re: HELP!!

    Uhh brawler trainer is at the minigame King Of The Ring
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    Default Re: HELP!!

    Here is a map of all the locations: It comes in very handy at times.
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    Default Re: HELP!!

    Stillwater Crossing and Highroad Junction also have brawler trainers. I suggest visiting all three to boost your character. Also to help leveling up as you go, I suggest doing each fight twice before going back to the person that gave you the quest. This helps you get more stars and brawler clothes. Make sure you use the hammer code! It helps.
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    Default Re: HELP!!

    Are you looking for the level 20 brawler questline?

    You can find him in Lakeshore. From the warpstone... head to the water and he will be on your left. I forgot his name... and if I remember correctly Daddio mentioned that he isn't dressed in Brawler gear.

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    Default Re: HELP!!

    lvl 20 brawler trainer is in lakeshore

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