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Title: Garnet

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    Default Garnet

    what is garnet?
    and where can i get it?
    i need it for a quest

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    Default Re: Garnet

    Um, hold on, I'll get a map.

    Go here: (Where do you find Garnet?), and scroll down to Rednii's post. That's a great map to show you the locations. I was stuck where you were before, and this helped a lot.
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    Default Re: Garnet

    For heavens sake! Go out to Merrydale
    1. put on your find minigames, maybe turn off the rest.
    2. Just Look Around Town

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    Default Re: Garnet

    you can mine garnet in rich tin mining

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    Default Re: Garnet

    between wugachug and pixie nursery

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