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    Default copper bar - the recipe???

    I found the furnace, i have copper ore, AND i tried being a black smith/miner. But when it says "choose a recipe" it is still allways blank. i cant buy the recipe either; i checked. please help!!!

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    Default Re: copper bar - the recipe???

    Its recipes for level one blacksmith you can buy from coin shop and you can get recipes from blacksmith quests too.If you need copper bars you can smelt them in the smelting minigame. Hope it helped.

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    Default Re: copper bar - the recipe???

    The Copper Bar Recipe is obtained by completing one of the first Miner quests. You'll want to start doing the Miner quests if you want that recipe.
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    Default Re: copper bar - the recipe???

    Talk to Therin to start the miner quest series. The actual quest where you learn to make the copper bars is given by Trixi in Singing Crystal Mines and called "Rush Order". Keep in mind that you have to buy singing coal from a supplies shop in order to make the copper bars as well.

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