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    Default Annoying Chef!!!!!!!!

    Arghhh!!!! i took me an hour to get to level 7! and its going to take ages!!

    SOE please!!!

    I'm too stressed lol

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    Default Re: Annoying Chef!!!!!!!!

    Like several of the minigames, this has a bug they've neglected to fix yet.
    Be ready for lots of janky spots throughout to drive you crazy mad.
    Good luck!
    "Who are you people?!?~~Patrick Star

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    Default Re: Annoying Chef!!!!!!!!

    I have to admit, this is so very annoying that you get x50 stars as a beginner. The quests don't really help you out much either. Postman on the other hand levels fast when you do Merryvale Postboxes. x300 stars everytime you do it! (Speaking I am only level 5) I have been neglecting the thought of leveling. Hopefully I will get around to it this month during Christmas break. I do not have ONE job that is level one though! ^-^ Guess that could be a type of accomplishment?


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