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    Icon1 Whaddaya Think!?!

    Well, I just figured out to make cool looking siggies, but, I need advice and suggestions on fonts and programs because photoshop is cool but, it's limited...soooo....lets get the posts rollin'!
    <-Simply Snow Kissed>
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    Default Re: Whaddaya Think!?!




    (Link to deviantArt)


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    Default Re: Whaddaya Think!?!

    Talk to Jaime Rider..his sigs are in the avatars and sigs section..he uses a program i forget the name should get advice from him
    ~Zadira Ironrock~

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    Default Re: Whaddaya Think!?!

    yes get advice from me lol

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    Default Re: Whaddaya Think!?!

    You can download Gimp and don't forget to download brushes! (GIMP is free)
    Brushes are very useful!!

    You can download brushes on by searching brushes.

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    Default Re: Whaddaya Think!?!

    Well I use picnik and photoshop.
    The siggy I have right now was entirely made from picnik.
    I really like picnik, except with some of the stickers you have to be a premium(as in have to pay) member.
    I am a nonpaying member.
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