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    Default Valentine-Edited Pic

    Hehe.Edited at

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    I don't suggest you to open the following spoiler. I think it'll explode! Run!
    Spoiler: show
    Silly you, why did you open the spoiler? Haha.

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    Default Re: Valentine-Edited Pic

    so cute thats hilarious!
    love how he is so dark and its like some girly pink stuff is thrown in and "HAPPY VALENTINES!"

    I bet he is sulking right now

    Azure Aveline~
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    Default Re: Valentine-Edited Pic

    oh my- that is very! good! gratz gratz gratz!!! <3 i heart it i wish i could make things like that :O

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    Default Re: Valentine-Edited Pic

    That's pretty good, keep up the work !
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