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    Icon4 UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!MAKE IT SNAPPY Photo and Graphics Shop ^_^

    Make it Snappy!- Graphics by Jessica Majesticforce ^_^ *With holiday specials*

    -You can order as much as you want!
    -Please use your order.
    -Don't rush me...might take a couple minutes or more.
    -Absolutely give credit to the one and only
    -Sorry- I don't take pictures for have to take it yourself...

    First of all I love photo editing. I'm not a pro of some sort, but I try really hard to impress people.So I hope you enjoy my pictures.

    The whole point is to order and avvie or doesn't have to be like any example given. It could be given however you want provided you give me the right details.

    Holiday News
    -Earth Day avvies & siggies
    -Now making July 4th avvies
    -Summer holiday


    Color of text:
    Font type:
    Background pic:
    or Background color:

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