I'm looking for a good signature. So one that can make me a good one, please do lol. I'll post my pictures that I want in. First of all the text, make it red and make it say Shadow Ninjarocker <Insiders>. The text make it really cool, like fancy smancy lol. I want the size to be 365x150 and 500x165. On the 365x150, put these pictures on it and say what I said to be put on. Resize them so they fit! On the 500x165 I want the same pictures with this video in the background. The video, if you can make it this: please resize it don't show the play button, make it have no sound. Also if you can do the same for both, then I will be delighted All the colours, make it have these colours, Red, Black and orange. The video will be posted as soon as possible.