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    Icon1 The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    Welcome to my avatar store!!! You may use my avatar as a example when you order follow these steps

    1. Post on the thread that you would want one, your character name, and where you want it taken.
    2. The next time you are on FR and you see that I am on simply whisper me that you are ready.
    3. Wait patiently for your avatar to be finished I will PM it to you. Please note that if you rush me I will ignore your order.
    I will PM you a link to a pic and here is how you set it as you avatar

    1. Click the link
    2. RIGHT click the picture
    3. click save picture as
    4. then set you avatar as normal

    Please use this order fill out form to order:

    Character Name:
    Place Desired for pic:
    Font for Name:


    Thank you for coming!!!
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    Default Re: The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    Aaron Esko
    I want it taken in Snowhill.
    I don't really care about the font; preferably the bland yet nice Times New Roman.
    Aaron Esko <Insiders>

    (^^Marley! But don't forget Bubba, Buddy, Duke, Jasper, and my other 47 pets!)

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    Default Re: The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    O_O wow ok i will be on in a min thank you for being so fast...
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    Default Re: The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    I know this hasn't been touched in a while but:

    Character Name: Arielle Moonshadow
    Place Desired for pic: Merry Vale
    Font for Name: Anything will do as long as it looks fancy.

    If you can, I already have a picture for it. I just don't know how to make it into an avatar: You can crop it if you want.
    Arielle Moonshadow
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    Not interested in trading anymore. Everything's so expensive...

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    Default Re: The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    the only way ik how to do is to take a pic of you in fr and edit it

    and ok your order is being processed
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    Icon1 Re: The Royalnight Avatar store!!!

    Name:Skyler Titanclaw
    Font: Papyrus
    Skyler Titanclaw

    It's summertime!

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