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    Default REMINDER: One shop per person & one thread until 1,000 posts.

    Hi everyone,

    Please remember that your original thread must be kept open until you have reached 1,000 posts. You cannot keep recreating it every few posts. If someone posts before you are ready to have it open, you can flag that post and ask for it to be removed by a staff member (just say something like "I require more space for my shop, could you please remove?").

    **To Clarify this point: We will not remove dozens of posts to get you room after the fact. This has to be something you realize shortly after the shop, or have only a few to be removed in between your posts. Additionally, we can not move posts around (IE: Move post #12 to #3) the forum software does not allow this.

    Additionally, please remember that you are only allowed to have ONE partner shop or ONE solo shop. You can not be part of 3-4 different shops, and you can not have one of each. It is one or the other. Sorry!
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