A small stout man rushes to the door to greet you, his stubby hand swinging the door open. "Ah, Welcome, welcome. Please pick out one that you like, If you'd like, there's a form over there where you can order a custom Avatar." The Man smiles and rushes back to the counter, to deal with the Customers already at hand. You turn to the side to see a large order form, Where you can request your own. To the left hand side, theres an empty window with a "Coming soon." Sign Set up, and a few empty avatar stands, and the simple price of $5. "I am sorry, But there Is no avatars for sale. please order a custom one, as more will be coming soon." The Man's voice rings out as the customers leave, you are alone In the store.

The large Store has a sign In the back, titled 'Melladramatic' All In a very swirly font. "yes yes, do order. I will be right back." The man leaves the cash unattended, and runs Into the back to work on more avatars. through a small window you see a large computer, and some special paper. then the back goes dark, and you see nothing but one bright green light.

you rush over to the form, and this Is what It reads.



What would you like on the avatar? Do you have Images that fit the pixels? Or would you like It hand drawn?:
Signature or Avatar?:"

(Notes: Please do not say N/A on any of the form, as I cannot complete your request without pixel width and height. there fore, If you say this, your request will be ignored. thank you. <3


It may take 1 or 2 days to get It done. be paitent! =)