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    Default Just a Siggy and some Avatars

    daisy.jpg This is my own Avatar and Profile Picture

    sig.jpg This is my Sig

    jenny thunder.jpg I made this one for my friend Jenny Thunder, she just joined the site yesterday with a new account, as she couldn't remember her log in and stuff for the other xD

    If you guys want me to make you one of these, feel free to ask or PM Me
    Daisy Salvatore -Formerly Ðaisy Heart- <Mystic Mayhem>
    Ðark Zorua <Secret Society of Awesomeness>

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    Default Re: Just a Siggy and some Avatars

    Dank you for the thingy :3! lol
    UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot.nothing is going to get better.It's not

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