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    Default [GUIDE] Making a popout signature in GIMP

    I come to teach you how to make a pop-out signature in GIMP.
    It's very simple to do, however it requires knowledge on how to use GIMP. If you haven't used GIMP before, I advise you get to know the program before trying to make a popout signature.
    What is a popout signature, I hear you cry?
    Well, a popout signature is where transparency is used so that it looks like a part of an image looks like it's popping out of the whole thing, when it really isn't.

    [STEP 1] Which Image Are You Going To Use?

    In this signature I'm going to use an image of a banana. For absolutely no reason!

    [STEP 2] Transparent Background

    Open GIMP and choose 'new'. In the toolbar, hover over 'layer', go down to 'transparency' and then select 'add alpha channel'.
    Then, go to your toolbox and click on fuzzy select. It looks like this . Then click on your whole rectangle and press 'delete' on your keyboard. Your rectangle should be covered in a light grey and dark grey chequer pattern.

    [STEP 3] Gradient

    Go into your toolbox and select the 'rectangle select'. If you can't find it, it's the first button in the first row.
    Then select an area of your rectangle that is around this big:

    Sorry some of it got cut off, but you get the picture.

    Then select the gradient tool;
    Fourth row down, fourth one along.

    Where there are two white boxes below all the tool icons; click on them and select two colours you like and that go well together.
    Then, inside the box you just made, click and drag a horizontal line, so that your box looks like that this, but with the two colours you selected:

    If you want to, you could also make any sort of background; you don't have to use a gradient if you don't want to, however backgrounds won't be explained in this guide.
    Textures, brushes, and things along that line could be used, as long as it could be called a 'background'.

    [STEP 4] Image And Text

    Go into File, Open as layers and select your image. Open it onto your rectangle.
    Scale it down if you need to by going into layers, scale layer.
    To get rid of that white box, do the same thing as in Step 2, just make sure you click on the white box!
    Voila! Transparency!
    To add text, just use the text tool, which is very self explanatory.

    And there you go; you've got yourself a popout signature!

    But it's not transparent?!

    If your transparent part ends up white, then just take a screenshot of the forum, and use the colour picker to pick the colour your signature's transparent bit should be. Then, use the bucket fill to colour the transparent area.

    Good luck making your pop-out signatures everyone! : )

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