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    Default Doing a few siggies and avvies

    I know ninjablade is also doing this, but I am also super bored and I could get some practice with editting since I am very bad at it.

    You can order just for fun, you don't have to use this as it is more of a practice for me.

    If you can't take good screenshots, feel free to ask me to take it for you. I can get online almost at any times and I have okay graphics.


    Color of the background if any:
    Any effects if any:
    Anything else to add:

    Please note I am not good at cutouts, so I recommend you don't ask me for them but I can definitely try. (I am on laptop so I can't have the same program as I did on my old computer.)


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    Default Re: Doing a few siggies and avvies

    You may wanna take a look at other shops and view the type of questions they have...on your first order your going to have missed a couple questions u should have asked so i advise taking a look at older shops (: good luck though!
    Narwhales. Bai.

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