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    Mar 2009

    Catstabbys cool avvies and siggies! Ive got it all!

    Yo peeps! Thx for dropping by! Just pick one or two or three or four or....

    Plz fill out the forums!

    #1 Blobs

    What color?
    What action?

    #2 Glitter Text

    What text?
    What color words?
    (Aborable Blue, Dasiy Pink, Graffiti, Handwriting, Blocks, Orange,
    Or X-mas.)
    What glitter?
    (Stars, Hearts, Money, Twinkle, Shimmer, Bubbles, Glitter, Snow, Very glitter, or red hearts.)

    1. buddy_icon_520.gif

    2. buddy_icon_532.gif

    3. buddy_icon_925.gif

    4. buddy_icon_1052.gif

    5. buddy_icon_1087.gif

    6. buddy_icon_1102.gif

    7. buddy_icon_1272.gif

    8. buddy_icon_1536.gif

    9. buddy_icon_1588.gif

    10. buddy_icon_1802.gif

    11. buddy_icon_1907.gif

    12. buddy_icon_1940.gif

    13. buddy_icon_1950.gif

    14. buddy_icon_2490.gif

    15. buddy_icon_2942.gif

    16. buddy_icon_3423.gif


    What color where?
    Which number?

    #7 Minifesto


    What text?
    What color text?
    What color background?

    THX!!! Come again!
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